Twitch Streamer Series- Part 3

Twitch Streamer Series- Part 3

I say we keep moving this series right a long with another fantastic streamer, who is also in another country just like the prior two. Amazing guys all three! And now on to the next streamer.

  1. What is your Twitch name?                                                                                                                         Hey Lacey. I’m Tom but you knew that already. My twitch name is SubtractionHD. Pretty cool, huh?
  2. Is there a special reason you chose that name?                                                                                      I chose the name because one of my favorite songs of all time is Subtraction by Coheed & Cambria. And the HD? Well, Subtraction was taken…
  3. Why did you become a Twitch Streamer?                                                                                              I became a Twitch streamer because I was given the chance, really. In England, I gave it a try once but I didn’t have the time, freedom, or internet to give it a proper try. But moving to Sweden was a saving grace, it gave me a chance to actually follow my dream since I’m finally in an environment that allows me to give it a shot.
  4. Why did you choose to stream for Twitch?                                                                                           I’m not an affiliate yet, unfortunately, because I’m waiting for tax information and the office isn’t open during the summer. Bummer, right?
  5. How long have you been a streamer?                                                                                                    I’ve been a streamer for just over a year. Although I’d say I’ve only been doing it properly for the last 11 months or so.
  6. Do you only stream or do you have another job? If you are comfortable in telling my readers, what is your other job?                                                                                                             I only stream because see question 4. Double bummer. 🙁
  7. What are your favorite games to play?                                                                                                  I love to play Raiders of the Broken Planet which is open every weekend and I just love the experience.
  8. What are your favorite games to stream?                                                                                            I like to stream Overwatch but only competitive, and only when the games go well. Other than that, I tend to just stream whatever I’m playing at the time. It makes the transition from recreational gaming to streaming so much easier.
  9. Do you have any games that you would like to recommend to my readers to play and why?                                                                                                                                                            Sign up for Raiders beta, for reasons above. Buy Get Even on Stream; one of the best story-driven games I’ve ever played. And Wildcard? Uh, Aim Hero to git gud at FPS games.
  10. Was it hard to talk to your viewers when you first became a streamer? How long before you became at ease with streaming?                                                                                          Oh my god yes! When I first started streaming, all I cared about was numbers. I’d watch the viewer list instead of the chat. I’d stress out if I didn’t have anyone watching 30 minutes into the stream. I worked myself into a self-destructive frenzy and it was terrible. But after a while I started streaming what I wanted to play and I don’t really watch the numbers anymore. My last follower milestone was reached two days before I noticed, hah!
  11. Would you like to tell my readers anything else about yourself or your channel on Twitch?                                                                                                                                                     First of all, your readers have a wonderful taste in bloggers, Secondly, I stream every night except Sunday at 9 pm CEST. On Saturday, we have a big gathering called the ‘Tea Stream’ where we all bring beverages and cakes, stuff like that. Then we share pictures in the stream discord. It’s great and I feel like the community is really fitting together well. Also, check out the other Oxymoron Streamers. They’re far too entertaining, it makes me feel inadequate.

As a frequent viewer to Sub’s streams, he is not inadequate and he is a lot of fun to watch. Go see him at

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