Twitch Streamers Series- Part 21

I can’t wait to introduce you to the next streamer, who does play games in her free time but her streams are AMAZING and of her drawing and painting. As I had said before, Twitch isn’t all about gaming, they are also about creative streams, music, talk shows, and other great channels. And I get to introduce you to one streamer who is in one of the other channels.


  1. What is your Twitch name?                                                                                                                     PixieAtLarge, at your service, madam curtsies That’s actually my name pretty much everywhere online.
  2. Is there a special reason you chose that name?                                                                                   Well… The Pixie part is something my mom used to call me. She said I look like one, and I’ve always had a bit (okay a lot a bit) of a mischievous nature, so when it came time to name myself, seemed an obvious choice. The At Large part.. well. Pixie is always taken. And when I’m on-line, I feel a lot freer, like I’ve escaped from a very small world into a bigger one. So, I’m at large.
  3. Why did you become a Twitch Streamer?                                                                                             Accidentally! It wasn’t planned. I didn’t join Twitch and think “oh, I can totally do this, yeah. I’m going to be a Streamer.” In fact, although I tend to be an outgoing person, I feel a bit uncomfortable in the spotlight. BUT, I started showing my art to people, many of whom wanted to know how I did the Things. A surprising amount of people suggested I start streaming, and while I wasn’t totally comfortable with the idea, I would LOVE to make a living strictly with my art, one day. So, after some thought, Twitch seemed like a good way to start going about that.
  4. Why did you choose to stream for Twitch?                                                                                         It seemed the obvious choice. I’d made a lot of friends on Twitch before I started streaming, and I was a well-known regular in a lot of cool people’s streams. For whatever weirdo reason… people seem to like me.
  5. How long have you been a streamer?                                                                                                   4 months. I’m pretty newb still.
  6. Do you only stream or do you have another job? If you are comfortable in telling by readers, what is your other job?                                                                                                           I have all the jobs. I work full-time as a cook in a fairly upscale restaurant, I take a lot of art commissions on the side, and OF COURSE I am a mother to two wonderful sons. I… don’t sleep much.
  7. What are your favorite games to play?                                                                                                    I have a soft spot for indie games of all sorts, and fun casuals I can play with friends. I guess I most often play non-horror survival games and story driven RPGs.
  8.  What are your favorite games to stream?                                                                                                ART. I don’t stream games. No one needs to see my trash game play… tho my commentary can be pretty funny.
  9. Do you have any games that you would like to recommend to my readers to play and why?                                                                                                                                                            Anything by Bioware. I’m Bioware Trash, fight me. Other than that? The Long Dark and Seraph are two of my favorites. The Long dark is just you and your wits against the Canadian wilderness in the dead of winter, and I like that. Seraph is just pure fun. You flip around shooting hoards of demons in the face… what’s not to love?
  10. Was it hard to talk to your viewers when you first became a streamer? How long before you became at ease with streaming?                                                                                             Not at all. I’m GOOD at talking. It’s one of my fave things to do. It also helps that the majority of people who stop by my stream are people I know well, and who want to see me succeed. Streaming art also helps, because I’m not trying to add to pre-made content, I’m creating content from scratch. So if I have nothing to say, there’s still the art, and it does a pretty good job speaking for itself. To be fair though, I’m still not completely comfortable streaming, even though it’s been a very positive experience, so far. It’s a bit nerve-wracking knowing people are… watching you.
  11. Would you like to tell my readers anything else about yourself or your channel on Twitch?                                                                                                                                                         Welp. I do a variety of art in a variety of media, there’s always something different! And I’m always happy to help out beginning artists with advice and support. It’s a chill, supportive place, and we love new faces! ALSO, that they should check out the Oxymorons streaming community for actual awesome people. Mostly game streamers, but all super cool!


Her art is definitely beyond amazing!!! Please do go and watch her streams and see for yourself how talented she is at You won’t be disappointed.


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