Dealing With Health Issues- Second Opinion

Dealing With Health Issues- Second Opinion

I decided to take a bit of time off in order to clear up my health so that is why there hasn’t been anything new from me for a while on my blog page. Sorry for vanishing but I am back hopefully in full force now.

Something Not Right

After my first session with a General Surgeon, I felt like something wasn’t right so I decided to talk to my doctor again so that we can get myself another referral so that I can talk to a new general surgeon. I don’t know what it was that kept nagging me about it, but I felt that the first surgeon jus rushed through my appointment and didn’t want to fully take on my case. He said that it isn’t a ventral hernia as my doctor has implied but just my 6-pack muscles being pushed to the side by other tissues because of the pregnancy and that only hardcore exercises can help this situation remedy itself. At first, I was relieved, but things still didn’t feel right to me and I knew in my gut that I had to find out what is really going on with my body.

Second Opinion Results

My doctor agreed with me and sent in a new referral for me so that I may discuss everything in more detail with a second surgeon. I am glad that I did because this surgeon and his team were more ready to help explain things better to me about my body as well as to take it a step further. He put in for me to have a CT Scan. I have never had one so I was nervous but so glad that he did this. I went in last month to get the CT Scan taken care of and to find out if it is just my muscles trying to push their way back in or if there is something else causing me so much discomfort. And what did they find? There is in fact tissue there but there are other underlying factors to my health that would not have been found out unless I had asked for a second opinion. I DO have a hernia, not a ventral hernia but nonetheless, there is or I should say was a hernia under my bellybutton. I say was because as I write this I have already had surgery and that will be in another blog. But along with an umbilical hernia, they found gallbladder stones, thankfully small so I don’t have to worry about them right now, and that my liver and spleen are slightly enlarged. I still have to do the blood test to find out about my liver and spleen but as I had said nothing to be done with the gallbladder stones just yet.

Doctors Should Care

I am still upset with the first surgeon because not only did I have a hernia and other health issues, but the ultrasound that my second surgeon did before the CT scan showed that my lining of my stomach wall is very thin. This could be an issue in the future with more hernias but also can be nothing. I just have to keep myself healthy, eat healthier, and make sure to do more exercising. If I hadn’t gotten a second opinion, the hernia I did have could have gotten worse and caused me more issues along with everything else going on inside of me I really hope that my second surgeon tells the first surgeon that he needs to slow down and actually do more scans because it is his patents that will be harmed by his lack of caring and rushing through his appointments. Doctors, surgeons, and others need to remember that their lack of caring can result in their patients becoming harmed health-wise if they don’t take their jobs seriously and do everything to help.

Get That Second Opinion!

So my advice to you is if you feel that your doctor has wrongly diagnosed you or hasn’t fully explored everything health-wise for you, most definitely get a second opinion. If I hadn’t, I would have never found out that i did have a hernia and the other health issues that I will have to keep an eye on. Once I am healed from my surgery, I will be going in for blood tests to find out at least why my liver is partially enlarged if not also why my spleen is enlarged. Take care of yourselves! Don’t let one doctor tell you that you’re wrong. And if you’re like me in a situation (being military) and have a doctor who isn’t on base but feels like something is wrong, let them help you get a second referral for another opinion because it is your health.

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  1. Ann Young

    A great lesson in following your intuition when something doesn’t seem right—and *always* getting a second opinion before having any surgery. Glad you did both, Lacey!

  2. Jc Butch

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later. Cheers

    1. crazdwriter

      Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your comment and you bookmarking my blog page. I hope you do enjoy reading my blogs whenever you do.

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