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Catastrophic Revenge

A Short Story Idea given to me by Yvonne Hoffman, friend, and fellow DisneyNerd on Facebook. Idea- Female cat that is a murdered woman reincarnated. She is adopted by her murderer and now she wants revenge.

Chapter 1

‘Maybe I should have listened to my friends,’ Torrance thinks to herself as she quickens her steps and crosses her arms over her chest. A chill passes over her body making her rub her arms. She glances her chartreuse gaze around the cold moonless park, listening for any signs of life besides herself and the crickets.

Shadows begin to dance across the grass and the path that she is walking along, causing her to become jumpier. Her eyes show her that the shadows are nothing but the tree branches above her waving in the slight breeze. A low cracking of a branch echoes from somewhere behind her. A scream escapes her lips and she jumps. She places her hand over her heart, laughing off what has just happened and continues to walk. She walks faster, her tennis shoes lightly tapping on the concrete path. Crickets begin to grow quiet as another snap echoes through the empty park. She screams out again and this time she can hear pounding feet of someone running towards her from somewhere behind her.

Torrance spins around on her heels to see if it is just a late-night runner or if it is someone wanting to do her harm. As she spins around, a cold hand grabs her wrist and yanks her roughly to the side off the path. The force knocks her off balance and she falls roughly to the ground, a yelping as soon as she hits the ground. The wind is instantly knocked out of her as soon as she slams into the hard cold dirt. She looks up into a pair of sad dirty water blue eyes, her eyes are drawn to a jagged scar that crosses down over the scary man’s left eyebrow.

The man grins down at her, though the excitement doesn’t reach his eyes. The last thing Torrance sees besides the man’s face is the gleam of a knife in the dark night. A scream gurgles up through her throat but it is sliced short as the sharp blade rakes across her throat.

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