Expedition Roasters Coffee

Expedition Roasters Coffee

Pumpkin Spice King

Coffee Review

Another coffee that I wished to try was the Pumpkin Spice King, mainly because of my husband and the other main reason is that one of my all-time favorite movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sitting there on the front of the coffee packages is Jack with a literal pumpkin head, judging me as to why I haven’t bought his coffee yet. So along with the Prints Charming Co. coffee, I added this coffee to my list of three.

Just look at that smug face lol

To tell you the truth, the only pumpkin items I like are scones and pie, not at all coffee. But I wanted to try it because I want to like pumpkin spice items so I was going to start with this coffee. I haven’t even tried Starbuck’s pumpkin spiced lattes.

The box came in with our order and as my husband took each one out, the aromas from each bag mixed and it was lovely. We tried the Prints Charming first as I had said but the next one we tried the next morning was the pumpkin spice.

The spiciness of the coffee enveloped the kitchen as we waited for it to finish brewing. My husband, who loves pumpkin-spiced drinks, was very excited. I was too but still had my doubts since I like I said not a huge fan. As I had done with the other, I tasted the coffee first without my cream and sugar, sipping it slowly to let the coffee roll over my tongue. Then I added my cream and sugar and did the same thing. I drank a few sips but sadly I guess I am just not a Pumpkin Spice person. My husband, on the other hand, loved it and took it to work with him to finish off.

Personally, I would give it 3 out of 5 stars because again I do no like pumpkin items. But the taste is strong, spicy, and I would have to say that for those who love pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, this could be your alternative to have at home. So for that alone, I say 5 out of 5 stars for pumpkin spice lovers everywhere.

Unfortunately, this is one of the coffees that you have to keep checking back for them to restock the Pumpkin Spice King. I think it is around Halloween time frame that they restock it and then sell it until they run out before they bring it back the following Halloween. But don’t quote me on that. Sign up for their newsletter and they will let you know when it is back in stock. But I will add the link so that you can see their website and sign up for their newsletter if you would like.


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