Expedition Roasters Coffee

Expedition Roasters Coffee

Dark Side Roast

Coffee Review

We had finished our first three coffees from Expedition Roasters and we couldn’t wait to try y husband hopped onto the website. This time my husband and I looked together and talked about which ones we would love to try next. On top of the list to try was the Dark Side Roast. Like I had said I am a medium to dark roast kind of girl so this one intrigued me. My husband also likes the darker roasts so he agreed that this was one of the ones to give a try.

Look at the photography work done by Expedition Roasters. Perfect!

The way that the company writers explains the coffees are amazing. They definitely capture your attention and this one surely did. Even though I may not be trying to rule the galaxy, I definitely need a little help from the dark side to help me rule this house with two little girls, one 6 and the other turning 2 this July. So I placed an order for this one and two others. I have noticed that I like to order in threes. Weird huh?

When this one came, just like the other three, the aroma of the ground coffee was amazing. It was dark and powerful just as promised in the description. And when it was brewing, the magic began to happen and the dark side came to life in our coffee pot. Even the color of the coffee was deliciously dark.

The darkness came out beautifully roasted, not burnt, but a delicious con-cation of dark coffee that came from South America. As you can probably tell that this coffee is on the top of my favorites from this company so far. And nothing has knocked it off it’s thrown yet either. I give this coffee 5 out of 5 death stars. And for my list, this dark lord sits on the thrown at number 1.

If you love dark coffees, then here is the link where you can buy this amazing coffee. We will be ordering this one again after our journey through their coffees, teas, and hot cocos are through.

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