Expedition Roasters Coffee

Expedition Roasters Coffee

Fortune and Glory

Coffee Review

On any adventure or journey, you want to have a good sidekick. Expedition Roasters has several tasty sidekicks and I think Fortune and Glory would be a great one to take on a trip. A road trip maybe or even just a trip to in the car to a special place nearby. For me, it makes a great sidekick when I am writing my stories or even my blogs. This coffee will make you want to swing into action or go find a lost treasure.

Perfect coffee when I am writing my stories and my characters are going on their own adventure.

This one is a nice medium coffee with a kick of flavor. They call it a sweet bourbon streusel cake flavor and boy are they right. Sweet, flavorful, but again not too sweet, this coffee would make a certain Disney adventurer proud. Or well it made this adventuring mom proud. But alas it is not one of my favorites.

With that being said I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars and on my list, it sits at a 6. But again that could change as I have 3 more coffees waiting in my kitchen that we haven’t opened yet and one of them could knock this adventuring coffee down further or it could battle the others and win to stay on my list at a 6.

Calling all adventurers! Try this yummy coffee and see where it sits on your own Expedition Roasters Coffee list. Of course, to have a list you will have to buy a few of these amazing coffees. Wink, wink, hint, hint.

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