Expedition Roasters Coffee

Expedition Roasters Coffee

Ghoulish Delight Cinnamon Bun

Coffee Review

Calling all Haunted Mansion fans! How about a little ghoulish delight in your coffee? I am a huge Haunted Mansion fan as well as a huge cinnamon bun fan. I mean I can’t walk by a Cinnamon Bun eatery and not drool over the smells that invade my walking space. They just smell so good that I want to have them all the time but you know as much as I do that eating a lot of those is not healthy for you. So why not try another alternative?

I think someone at Expedition Roasters might have that same issue as me so they came up with the alternative. A coffee that smells and tastes like a cinnamon roll and hey why not make it Disney themed? So then this coffee was born.

Get a cup of this coffee and while we are stuck inside, put on YouTube and virtually ride the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland while you sip on your hot coffee. You can relax in your doom buggy or I mean on your couch, have fun, and enjoy some delicious coffee. Maybe pair it with some cinnamon rolls if you want to go crazy.

When I first opened the bag, it definitely smelled like a batch of freshly made cinnamon rolls and it continued with that smell while brewing. Then it was time to taste it. Will it be too sweet? Will it have no taste or very little taste? Will it live up to its name and be a ghoulishly delicious delight? I tried it first without the cream and sugar, then added it and both times the taste came through without being too sweet. And it did taste like a fresh cinnamon bun.

And even though I liked the taste, I didn’t love love it so it sits low on my list I am afraid. I do give it a 4 out of 5 stars for taste, 5 out of 5 on the packaging, and on my list, it sits at a strong 9 since I have others that I enjoyed more than this coffee. I would definitely buy it again though. So if you would like to try it for yourself, link is below.

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