Expedition Roasters Coffee

Expedition Roasters Coffee

Simply Sinful

Coffee Review

Finally got my hands on one of the more popular of their coffees, Simply Sinful, that I am hoping is the start of a nice long line of villain themed coffees. This one is a chocolate raspberry coffee that I myself was very wary of since I am not a huge raspberry fan.

Once you open the bag, you are literally smacked in the face with a strong raspberry smell and only a hint of chocolate which I do think smells good but the chocolate is so faint you would never know it was there unless you read the front of the bag. But it does get marks for a really nice bag and I mean you can’t go wrong with it being villain based.

As it is brewing, the raspberry grows stronger which again had me worried. Is it going just taste like raspberry or will the chocolate flavors and smell come out stronger once it is fully brewed?

I took a sip first without the cream and sugar and then again once it has my cream and sugar, and even though it isn’t bad, I was disappointed in the flavor. If you are a huge raspberry fan, then this coffee is for you. If you like the two, then try it and see if you like it. But as for me, I am a much bigger chocolate fan and I barely tasted any chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good cup of coffee but for me it is definitely not a favorite as the raspberry stands up far more than the chocolate notes in taste and smell.

So for this, I give it a 3 out of 5 stars because of the taste and strong raspberry notes but a 5 out of 5 on packaging as the design is awesome and again it is villain themed. And don’t lie, we all have a little villain in all of us. On my list for coffees from favorite to least favorite, this sits at number 10 now that we have added three more coffees to our coffee trove.

But again this is just my opinion. So give it a go for yourself and tell me what you think of it. Below is the link for the coffee if you are interested.

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