300 Horror Writing Prompts

300 Horror Writing Prompts

By Julie Wenzel

Book Review

Horror- one of my favorite genres to read, watch, and of course to write. So when I decided to look up writing prompt books on Amazon, I had to get one for horror. I don’t have problems coming up with ideas for my stories but I do like to take breaks from writing my stories and try something else. So I take time off to write short stories in the genres I love and will even try some that I have yet to write in such as Sci-Fi and Romance. But again back to Horror.

As I was combing through Amazon and the books under my search for horror prompt books, I was drawn to the cover of this book and how it was described and knew instantly that I needed to add it to my prompt books library. I don’t have many but I hope to remedy this wit more Amazon hunts.

The prompts in this book have more meat to them as the author has written horror scenarios that you have to weave into your stories, whether short stories or longer. In the beginning, Julie Wenzel includes a section where she explains the different ways of how you can use her book for your pleasure or improve yourself in your writing. She even says that there are no rules for this book and that it isn’t just for writers. She calls on artists and video game developers to also try out her book and truthfully I would love to see that happen.

I definitely hope that artists, video game developers, and writers alike grab a copy of this book and see what they can do with the prompts written by Julie Wenzel. Whether you start from prompt 1 and write until they hit prompt 300 or combine a few of the prompts in order to make one prompt that makes your writing, art, or game amazing.

Here is the link for the book if you are interested in checking it out for yourself whether you are a writer, artist, video game developer, or any other art magician who might like to take these horror prompts and spin them in ways no one has seen before. If you do end up buying this book and using the prompts, I would love to hear about them and how it went. I myself will be posting short stories that I have written by using these prompts and posting them to my blog which I hope you come back to read for yourself. So enjoy the book and hopefully enjoy my short stories based on this book.

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