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Which Witch? – Chapter 1

5,000 Writing Prompts Book Written by- Bryn Donovan

150 Fantasy Prompts- Prompt # 72- The good witch had been under the impression that it was a good spell.

Warning: Does get a bit gory so if you do not like that sort of thing, do not read. Thank you!

My Story

Chapter 1

Glenda taps her pen on her notebook as she listens to her History teacher go on and on about something she had stopped listening to and had zoned out after the first 20 minutes just like the rest of the classmates. Finally, her teacher scribbles the reading and where to find the questions to answer for homework on the chalkboard.

The chalk he uses brings Glenda out of her daydreams as it scratches a bit on the board, causing everyone to cringe including the teacher. He chuckles and apologizes for the sound and continues to write, the chalk no longer screaming at them. Glenda clicks her pen and opens her planner, writing down the homework so she can pack up her book bag before the bell rings. And like every day as soon as the bell rings, Glenda follows her classmates out of the classroom.

School ends and the teens rush off of campus to get home, to leave behind the halls for the weekend, and to have some fun. Glenda heads for the parking lot, also ready to escape the madness of a long week of tests and reading. She wants to escape in her own fantasy books tonight instead of the mandatory book reading for school. Or maybe get back into playing her video game with a few friends online.

Glenda stops walking for a moment, taking in a deep breath of fresh air as her classmates’ stream out around her to either go to their cars in the parking lot, to go to the bus stop, or to get to their parents or carpool’s cars. Glenda’s sharp sea-blue eyes scan the parking lot for her mom’s van parked in her spot since her own car had to be taken in a few days ago for a much-needed tune-up.

One of her classmates, a pretty blonde, stops beside Glenda, “Hey, G.”

She turns to face Holly, a girl who acts like she rules the school from time to time, “Hey, Holly, are you ready for Jazz’s birthday party on Sunday?”

Glenda switches between the two dresses for a moment. “I think the red dress with the black crystal necklace and matching earrings that Dan gave you for your birthday two years ago. And I am would definitely wear those cute new black keeps you were talking about at lunch.”

“Glenda, can I just hire you to be my stylist?”

Glenda laughs, “Sure, why not?”

Holly and Glenda jump when they hear someone honk their car horn twice in front of them. They turn to see the head of the football team waving at them from his dark blue mustang, the top already down. “Yo, Holly, let’s go, babe,” he shouts over at them. “Glenda, stop hogging my girlfriend already,” he playfully whines.

Glenda puts her arms around Holly’s shoulders, “No, Dan, she’s mine now.”

“Baaaabe!” Dan pretends to cry, holding his arms up at Holly, his fingers waving madly for her to come to him.

“O-M-G, Dan,” she shakes her head, laughing at her boyfriend. “Bye Glenda, and thanks for the help. See you Sunday.”

“Anytime,” Glenda says waving bye to her friends. Dan gave a quick wave before pulling his car away from the curb.

As she turns back to the parking lot, she bumps into someone, pushing them back a little. “Oh shoot, I am so sorry about that.” She looks up to face the bad boy of the high school and his friends. “Dean!”

Glenda chuckles, “This time, I am actually not in the clouds. I was just helping Holly plan her outfit for Jazz’s party on Sunday. Will we be seeing you all there?”

Dean looks at the others shrugging his shoulders, “We said we would but…”

Glenda looks up to the sky for a second, “The weather will be perfect, a bit on the hot side, but still perfect for the swim and dance party Jazz has planned.”

“Our local weather witch has spoken,” one of Dean’s friends says, bowing down to Glenda, causing her to blush.

“Well, if our local weather says so I guess we will show up then,” Dean says with a smile, his soft brown eyes sparkling as he looks at her.

Glenda shakes her head, “Oh stop.” She chuckles, “See you all Sunday then.” She waves as she walks off, seeing her mom has finally parked in her spot.

Dean sees her mom’s van and yells after her, “Next time, call me or Leon to fix your car. We need practice and we can save you money.”

Glenda hops into her mom’s van after giving Dean a short wave to let him know she heard him. Her mom pulls out of the parking lot and drives past the group, waving at them, too, since they are waving at her, before turning onto the street with the other cars.

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