Which Witch? – Chapter 6

Which Witch? – Chapter 6

Writing Prompt # 72

Chapter 6

Jazz and Glenda laugh and talk to a few of their classmates during lunchtime on Monday. Jazz gets up from the table and hugs a few of the seniors that they see as they came over to say hi to them.

“Jazz, your birthday party yesterday was amazing. Thanks again for inviting us,” one of the girls tell her.

“I am so glad that you all could make it, too. The lower classmen are all jealous.” She laughs with them. “Oh!” She glances over at Glenda before she pulls out a giant stack of envelopes and hands them to the group. She pulls out more and hands them to the other two students making sure that Glenda still isn’t looking. She leans in close and whispers, “Surprise birthday party for Glenda in two months. I want you all to help me plan it. Pass these out to the seniors so that we all can make this party for her epic. She totally deserves it.”

“You got it, Jazz.” The group takes the envelopes and scatter, smiling giant smiles on their faces at the thought of planning a party for their friend.

Jazz joins Glenda again, a grin on her face, thoughts already racing through her head about the party. She is going to plan the best party ever with all of her friends in the senior class’s help and Glenda will have no idea what will hit her.

School inches to an end and Glenda rushes out of the school with her friends. She heads to the parking lot where her mom is waiting for her since her car is still in the shop. She waves as Holly and Dan drive past in the mustang, the top-down and the wind blowing Holly’s hair back. She spins on her heel and waves to Dean and the group as they walk past to get to their own cars.

“You looked great last night, Glenda,” Dean calls out to her once he spots her.

“Thanks! It was great seeing you all there,” Glenda yells back as she makes her way to her mom’s van.

“Does anyone remember anything?” her mom asks, still looking ragged and exhausted.

“No one does, not even Jazz,” Glenda tells her mom, melting into the seat as she lets her exhausted body finally relax for the first time that day. “They all talk about dancing and eating great tacos. Said that the sangria was amazing, too.”

“Good! Now that they are all okay, we will build our strength up and deal with the other witch who tried to hurt our Jazz,” her mom says, driving away from the school, her eyes narrowed and angered by what had happened.

Students from Freshman to Senior year leaves the school to head home and to do their homework for the next day. No one knows what had really happened that Sunday night at Jazz’s party; nobody that is except for Glenda and her family.

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