Erotic Mythology Volume 1- Book Review

Erotic Mythology Volume 1- Book Review

Written by James Fuller

This is actually my very first book read by not only the author but in the genre of Erotica. I have dabbled in writing it for my husband and a couple of friends only but I have never really read any. I have read a couple of Romance books that sat at the cusp of Erotica but not anything in the genre itself.

Author James Fuller

I have to say that this was a really well written, thought out, and exciting Erotica based on two well known mythological creatures, Medusa in the first story and the Minotaur in the second. They are both short stories that tell a tale of lust, hunger, and want for sexual touches and compassion.

Both creatures having their own wants and desires when it came to not only sexual fun but also in being understood in desires for their lives. Once wanting to be human again and the other not to be feared but loved.

James brought all of his characters a live and gave them their own stories so that others can see what it must have been like to be a mythological creature and wanting to please themselves and others.

I do wish that these stories had continued a bit more as well as wishing he had written a Volume 2, 3, 4, etc. until he had done most if not all of the other mythological creatures we all know so well from other stories.

For being my first book in the Erotica genre, I am pleased by this book and hope others grab a copy because it is very enjoyable. James, one thing, where is Volume 2?

Below is a link the grab your own copy if you are into Erotica books. I know it isn’t for everyone and that is okay but don’t knock a genre until you try it. I had my doubts but glad I stuck with it and enjoyed a really good book that is really well written and kept my interest until the end.

And while you are looking at this book, check out his other books, too. Mystery, thriller, horror, and down right creepy. Or so I have heard. I am off to read his other book I just grabbed up, Precious Amber.

Kudos James! I can’t wait to read more of your books. But I will still be waiting for Volume 2 of the Erotica Mythologies. Hehe!

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