Amazing Streamers, Great Friends

Amazing Streamers, Great Friends


While trying to find a few new streamers to watch and enjoy, I came across this amazing group of friends. Eric, Sarah, Adam, and Kyle, four amazing people that I am so happy that I found. I went into their stream while Eric was playing Minecraft with the viewers and immediately felt at home. I have since been in his stream, his amazing wife, Sarah’s stream, and have smuggled myself into Adam’s stream. Though I have yet to enjoy Kyle’s stream, I know that he is also a great streamer.

I have been to a few of their streams where they are together, whether playing games on their computers at their own homes separately or have been able to come together in person, which of course is rare because of everything going on right now. But again they are an amazing bunch of streamers and work so well together that I am blessed to have met them. They used to be on Mixer, but sadly Mixer has closed, so they moved to Twitch, which is still my weakness for watching gamers, artists, and others work their magic so I am glad that the PaladinsGamingTeam made the change and I found them on Twitch.

It feels like a whirlwind since the PaladinsGamingTeam came into my life and even though I do enjoy following and watching others, they have quickly climbed into my top 5 favorites to watch as well as climbed into my heart as an amazing group of people who I even would consider friends. Yes, friends even though I do not know them personally, and only by their streams. They are so welcoming and so friendly that anyone who comes to their stream will be welcomed unless you are a troll. Do not waste your time being a troll. It isn’t worth your time or theirs for you to go troll them, plus it is just rude. They are an amazing group that does not deserve trolls.

Well, they just celebrated their 1 year anniversary on Twitch this year and they asked us, their followers, to submit fanwork in three categories: FanArt, FanFiction, and Cosplay. As I cannot draw nor do I think I could have pulled off the Cosplay, and being a writer, I of course chose to write a short story for their FanFiction category.

One short story turned into two and then two short stories turned into three. I stopped at three because I knew that I should stop since I have other obligations with my writing but also because I didn’t want the others to think that I would win automatically with all of my stories, even though PaladinsGamingTeam said that they will only pick one person to win with only one of their projects. I wanted to write more FanFiction stories though because I wanted to not just enter the competition, I wanted to also shower them with hopefully good stories that include the four of them going on adventures, fighting evil, and strengthening their bonds as friends and as husband and wife in the only way I know how with the magic of word.

I am pleased to say that they actually did pick one of my stories, a detective noir short story, and I am so pleased that they loved it so much to choose mine. I have never been brave enough to enter a writing competition because I always put my own writing down, I don’t give my own writing the benefit of the doubt. But they chose mine and they even sent me as a prize a new pin that hadn’t even been released yet, a prototype if you will, and it is amazing. I will leave a link for their twitch stream as well as where you can see their amazing merch made by a fantastic person on Etsy.

But these next several posts that I will be posting will be of my three stories that I have written for Eric, Sarah, Adam, and Kyle. They have brought strength in my heart even more not just by picking me but by vocally telling me that they loved each and every one of my stories. So now I want to post them on here and share them with hopefully some of my readers and I hope that you enjoy them as much as the PaladinsGamingTeam had enjoyed them. And please come visit them on their stream as well as go to Amber’s Etsy shop to see the three magnificent pins she has made for them as their merchandise. Very personal pins that she makes by hand. I can’t wait to get my other two that I have ordered so that I can have all three for myself.

And now onto my short stories. I will be posting them in order of how I wrote them. The first is a Fantasy, the second a horror, and the third the mystery noir story that they chose for 1st place in the FanFiction category.

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