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Helpless- A Collection of Short Stories

Written by Tiffany Christina Lewis

A Book Review

The author granted me early access to this collection of Paranormal, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Crime, and Romance short stories (8 in all) and I have to say that this book is hands down one of the best books of short stories that I have read in a long time. Tiffany weaves stories together based around true stories, bringing together an outstanding collection of powerful fiction stories in different genres.

I truthfully wish that she would continue and make every single one of these into longer books. Each story comes to life with every stroke of the keyboard made by Tiffany’s hands as the characters she writes about gives her their voice to create such astounding stories. Tiffany gives each woman present in these stories a voice and strength. She gives them power to stand up for themselves and to protect themselves from other beings who wish to do them harm, whether human, alien, or spirit.

I love the fact that she explains the true stories first and also has a picture of each woman she writes about at the beginning of each chapter. It brings them more life and a face for us to see as we read the stories. And though I love them all, I actually have two top favorites out of the eight stories presented in this book. My first favorite is a Sci-Fi Tiffany wrote about women who are trapper out in outer space with no communication with ground control. Talk about terrifying but Stephanie Lao, Mel Heath, Tori Cartwright, Jill Chapman, and Brittney Daniels did an amazing job keeping their cool even when things turn scarier once they find another ship to board. I still have shivers just thinking about what happened in that story and would definitely love that one in a much longer novel. I mean, I would even take this story as a movie to it is that good in my opinion.

My second favorite, which I am surprised is not my first since I love the Paranormal and all stories with paranormal aspects, but it definitely hits hard as my second favorite story Tiffany has written is a story about house renovations going all wrong. A woman, Natalie, buys a beautiful fixer-upper house since she loves to do that sort of thing and when things seem all calm, that is when hell breaks loose. Not only did Natalie find herself a ghost in her house, but she also finds love. But this is all I will tell you about it because you all hands down need to buy this book.

You can pre-order the book now on Amazon, and I will post the link below.

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You can also pre-order this book on these other websites and hey you can even pre-order an autographed copy. Definitely get your hands on a copy of this outstanding book. You will not be disappointed!

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