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Coffee Tasting Journal

Product/Book Review

I love trying new coffees and I thought that a journal would be a great way to write them all down. I looked at Amazon and there are so many journals to look at.

Some have plain covers while others have coffee on the covers, or coffee beans, or coffee cups. There are so many choices. A lot of great covers that would fit anyone’s coffee personality. So I went on a hunt on Amazon to find one that I loved.

I also knew that Ryan would like to keep tabs on our coffee journey as well so I had to keep that in mind when picking out a journal. Plus inside of the journals I am sure are all different, so I wanted to pick a non complicated journal that didn’t ask for a lot of information. I wanted something simple yet where I could write down what I tasted and liked or disliked.

So I found one with a nice cover and one that is simple. The picture above shows the inside of the journal that I bought. It is simple and I like that you can post a picture, too. And I love the cover, too. The first picture, shows the front cover. Like I said in another email prior to this one, I haven’t used it yet, but I can’t wait to start. Ryan and I are trying a lot of new coffees so we want to remember them. My blogs are one way to keep track of the coffee I have consumed but I love to write (duh!) with a pen and this is a great way for Ryan and I to converse about the coffee we have tried. We can write them down together and then when we need new coffee, look back at this journal and pick our favorites to buy again.

I couldn’t find the exact journal I had bought on Amazon but I will leave you a link of the main page that shows a lot of different coffee journals for you to look over. And maybe you will buy one for yourself to keep your own records of your coffee journey. Or you can buy one for that coffee lover in your life.

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