You are currently viewing Daily Writing- February 20, 2022- Part 5

Daily Writing- February 20, 2022- Part 5

Fifth Scene- Saddness

The flowers wilted over time, but Durwin couldn’t bring himself to throw them away. He sad on his couch and stared at the TV with the sound off, not really seeing the characters dancing happily. In one hand, he held a Dr. Pepper while in the other hand he held the TV remote. He flipped aimlessly through the channels.

Durwin wiped his face with his hand that held the Dr. Pepper before he sipped on the drink. He turned his glassed- over gaze from the TV over to where his pictures sat on the the side table. Amy stared out at him from his favorite picture.

The smart, tall blonde haired, brown eyes, magical woman, who had become his wife only 5 years before smiled happily at him. She sat on a bench in their favorite place in the mountains in the snow. Amy was taken away from him the day before they could celebrate their 6th year anniversary.

Darwin clenched his jaw as fresh tears filled his already red-brimmed eyes. “Oh, Amy, I miss you so much.” Why did that damn drunk driver get behind the wheel? If she hadn’t, you’d still be alive with me.”

Durwin turned his attention back to the TV and ignored his phone as it rang for the tenth time that day. He knew that his family and friends were trying to get a hold of him to see how he was doing, but he didn’t want to talk to anyone. Durwin just wanted to disappear. He wanted to melt into the couch, disappear, and reappear wherever Amy was so they could be together again.

Durwin took a swig of his Dr. Pepper, almost wishing it was something stronger, almost. But after Amy had been killed due to alcohol, he threw all he had away and swore off the stuff, even if he wasn’t a big drinker in the first place. He glanced over at the ringing phone and hissed at it to shut up. He looked back at the screen and turned up the volume on the TV, drowning out the ringing of his phone.

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