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Daily Writing- March 7, 2022

Writing Exercise

Think about the days of the week and how you feel about the days. Now give them goals, personality, and physical appearance.

Days of the Week as People

Monday– Female in her late 20s, wears suits and heels. She wants to please everyone at work because that is how she is. She has straight long brown hair, keen glacier blue eyes, 5’6″, tanned skin, and a determined look on her face. She is the one everyone doesn’t like as much but she gets the work down so everyone wants to be her friend, too. She can be annoying when she spits off the rules, but she does help keep everyone in line. Her job would be Administrator at some big company. Her goals are to keep the company afloat and keep everyone working hard.

Tuesday– Male in his late 30s, wears suit pants, nice shirts, and nice black shoes. He is the cool boss who wants to be friends with his workers but also wants everyone to respect him and work hard. He wishes it was the weekend but still okay with being at work. He stands at 6’0″, has short wavy black hair, emerald green eyes, brown skin, and is the boss of a small company traveling company that is slowly growing.

Wednesday– Male in his early 20s, newest hire, goofy, always says annoying jokes about it being hump day. He wears khaki pants, loud obnoxious buttoned up shirts, and loafers with no socks. He has curly blonde hair, stands at 5’8″, has navy blue eyes, and light pink skin. He is the newest hire for a computer company.

Thursday– Female in her late 40s, friendly and helpful. She is like the mother or grandmother of the bookstore who everyone loves and goes to when they need advice. She is tired on some days but keeps on working because it’s almost the weekend. She wears nice slacks, buttoned down shirts that are usually in different shades of purples or pinks, and slip on black shoes with no heels. She is 5’7″, natural short curly dark brown hair, wise amber eyes, black skin, and a smile makes everyone feel better, even if they had a rough day.

Friday– Male in his early 30s, the one to go to when you need inspiration to finish the week strong. He is friendly, energetic, won’t let you down, and hilarious. He is the best friend you’ve always wanted and someone you can trust. He wears nice jeans, short sleeve buttoned shirts, and tennis shoes. He also wears a nice jacket when needed for meetings. He is 6’2″, has short black hair, has chocolate brown eyes, black skin, and a roar of a laughter that brings joy. He works at YouTube in a high position but always ready to help others when they need it. Very computer savy.

Saturday– Female in her early 20s. She is a malibu party girl with the fake tan, bleach blond hair, baby blue eyes. She is hyped, an extrovert, can make friends with anyone, and even though she is loud and a party girl, you’ll want to have her on your side. She works as a nanny and loves kids but as soon as she can, she is at the clubs with her friends.

Sunday– Male in his late 50s. 6’0″, graying hair, sweet gray eyes, dark skin, and has a mustache. He wants to just relax, drinking a beer, enjoying a book, and Mexican food by the pool side. He enjoys time with his family and friends. He wears loafers, long sleeved shirts where he can button the sleeves up to be short, and comfortable cotton pants (think Columbian drug dealer pants lol). He and his family owns one of the best and most popular Mexican restaurants in the area. He is wise and loves his family.

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