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Mousse and Mayhem

Book Review

I decided to jump into something new for myself and signed up to be an ARC reader for a cozy mystery author, Sue Hollowell. I am very excited to be an ARC reader and for my first book, I was given her 11th book in her Cozy Culinary Mystery series.

I definitely have to start from the beginning of this series so I can read it from the beginning. That way I can meet the characters when they were first born from Sue’s imagination.

The amazing author, Sue Hollowell

The book I read was called Mousse and Mayhem and as I had said it is the 11th book in the series. She JUST released it yesterday for purchase and I am so proud of her.

This being my first book I have read from her series and from her, I didn’t know what to expect. Of course, I knew it had to deal with a bakery, a bar, and murder. I was hooked after the first few sentences. Who was Tilly? Who was Fiona? And who were these other interesting characters Sue has introduced me through her new book?

Tilly, the MC, is a baker, and from what I read a popular one. Her best friend, Fiona, owns a bar not to far from the bakery and again is so popular that she has to add more seating areas just to accommodate all of the customers.

But both Tilly and Fiona’s lives turn topsy-turvy when they find a dead body in Fiona’s bar. Who could have killed the heath inspector? Could it have been Fiona? They did have bad blood. Or maybe it was Tilly? But she doesn’t have any issues with Holly, the health inspector, or did she?

Questions raced through my mind as I kept going. More fingers pointed at poor Fiona, but Tilly was having none of that. Just like a true friend, Tilly promised herself and Fiona she would get to the bottom of the murder and clear Fiona’s name. But it seemed that the whole town was against Fiona and my heart was hurting for the poor woman. I couldn’t believe she had murdered Holly.

The way Sue wrote the book though, a lot pointed to Fiona. But something kept nagging at the back of my mind about a few of the other characters. Surely Fiona wasn’t the only one having issues with Holly. And Sue did mention that in the book. So then who was the one who could murder Holly with a bag of frozen pasta no less?

When I had time in between being a mom, wife, and other commitments, I could not stop reading Mousse and Mayhem. So well written, kept me guessing, and kept me questioning who could have killed Holly. And then BAM! There was the ahhhh moment and we found out what had happened.

But was it Tilly? Was it Fiona? Was it someone else? I am not spilling the beans!

If you love cozy mysteries, then you will love Sue’s book. Mousse and Mayhem.

But if you want to start from the beginning of the series, then I would recommend it, buy them all, and read them all. And don’t forget to leave a review for Sue on Goodreads and Amazon. Authors truly appreciate reviews. Here is the link to her first book in the series just in case you wish to start at the beginning. I already have purchased it and can’t wait to dive in.

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  1. Christine Hill

    Her book covers are cute and although I don’t read a lot of mysteries, I can relate to best friends being there for one another when no one else will. I will check out her series.

    1. Crazdwriter

      I do love her covers, too. Let me know once you check it out how you liked them.

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