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  • It's In Her Smile

    It's In Her Smile

    Dedicated to our sweet youngest daughter, Cara Lynn Gordon. <3 Big beautiful brown eyes stare up at me from her bassinet and a giant smile crosses over her face as she stares back into my eyes. Our second miracle baby had graced us with her presence earlier than August 4, 2018. She decided that she…

  • Keep On Laughing Baby Girl

    Keep On Laughing Baby Girl

    Dedicated to our oldest daughter, Kierra Lee Gordon. <3 Blue eyes that have shifted to their gorgeous gray as she grew and brown fluff hair that had fallen out as a baby and sprang back to be a beautiful blonde, a thoughtful, smart, kind, and mannered baby girl has become our first rainbow baby back…

  • Staying Positive in Relationships

    Staying Positive in Relationships

    I had the honor to receive an email from a man who loves to write blogs on relationships and the more positive sides of these relationships. We always have those relationships we hear about that are negative and quite a lot of times our media is over taken by stories like this form the rich…