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Stepping Into the World of Blogging

Proud of my husband and the start of his new journey

My husband has decided that it is time to start his own blog and I couldn’t be happier. I always knew that writing and creating things is a great way to heal and to make yourself feel better. And now my husband, Ryan Gordon, a great man who is suffering mentally, physically, and emotionally, has decided that he can help himself and help others who may be in the same situation as himself, especially with becoming a veteran, by creating an informative blog.

He has not been lucky in the world of health, and sadly it has been because of the military. This has happened to quite a few who are in or have been in the military and it breaks my heart knowing this is happening by seeing it firsthand with the man I love. Ryan has come a long way over the years, though I can tell that it is still weighing heavily on him as he struggles each day with restless leg syndrome, depression, chronic pain, and anxiety, especially while out., along with other health problems.

But he is taking every day in strides, working on his health emotionally, physically, and mentally so that he can truly be there with us, his wife, and two beautiful vibrant daughters. And one way he has helped himself is by blogging and like I said, I am very proud of him.

He wants to help himself but more than anything he wants to help others who are suffering and dealing with issues, health-wise and other. He is blogging about the VA, or Veteran’s Affairs, and is compiling together resources and other things for the world of military veterans. Ryan will also blog about his own interactions with the VA, about his military life, and also about his hobbies. I cannot wait to watch his blog blossom into more while he does his research and adds more information as he lives his life with us and deals with the VA.

We will soon start a new chapter in our lives and Ryan will start a new chapter in his career after the military, having been an IDC for most of his career. I hope you will click on the link I provide and will follow Ryan, my amazing husband, as he posts more blogs on his website.

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