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Book Review

This amazing book was written by Katie Petruzziello, a mother who has three incredible children, two girls and one boy, and a loving husband. She wrote about young Mila who is a middle child who wants to show her parents just how big she is by doing everything herself. She wants to be a big kid and she wants to be a big kid now.

It’s funny because we all have been that way while growing up. My two girls, 8 and 3, are both trying to act like they don’t need mine or my husband’s help. And I am constantly telling them to enjoy us helping them and to not grow up too fast.

I think that is one reason why my girls loved listening to me read about Mila and how she wanted to do everything for herself. She wants to pick out her own clothes to wear, she wants to eat what she wants like a big kid, and she even wants to ride her big girl bike without training wheels on her own without her parents help. But she doesn’t just want to prove to her parents she doesn’t need help, she wants to prove it to the world, too.

You see, Mila is an extraordinary amazing young girl who is brave and sweet. She has to wear these devices called Cochlear Implants. They sit on her head, behind her ears with the help of her pretty pink headband holding them in place. Young Mila had hearing loss at a young age and these amazing implants help her hear.

Mila had to have surgery in order to get the implants placed on the inside of her skull and into her ears. The surgery can be intense. I know because my husband just recently went through it himself on his right side. And the cochlear implants works pretty well from what I’ve seen through my husband’s surgery as well as what I have seen on Mighty Mila’s page on Facebook.

Mighty Mila is in fact Katie’s daughter and Katie shows through the pages of her book just how amazing and brave her family truly is. Mila wants to show the world that no matter what, even with cochlear implants, she can live an amazing full life and do whatever she wants to when she grows up. And she wants the world to see that anyone, disability or not, can do anything they want in life. Mila doesn’t let her cochlear implants stop her and she wants to spread the word that it won’t stop her period.

This book speaks volumes of how important it is to love yourself and others, disability or no disability. And to never let anyone, including yourself, stop you from living your life to its fullest. So many times people try to make those with disabilities feel that they are not important or that they don’t matter. It’s wrong! And Mila is here to tell people to stop thinking that way. Her family is here to tell the world that Mila is no different than anyone else, she just has to hear through her very cool implants.

I know because I was bullied as a kid because I was different. I have a learning disability, Auditory Processing Deficit, and because I learn differently than others, I was made fun of and while growing up, didn’t have many friends. So I know how much it hurts when others tells someone they are no good just because they are different.

This book should be on every bookshelf, in bookstores and in houses. It’s a wonderful book and I can’t want to read more by Katie and Mila. I really hope Katie keeps writing and publishing more amazing adventures with Mila, Luca, and Sofia.

And I hope the future books have the amazing illustrations done by the talented Nadja Sarell. Her artwork speaks volumes of the love she puts in illustrating children books. She brought Mila and her family alive in these pages and gave them such personality with each stroke in her character’s face and eyes. Nadja is such a great illustrator that I truly hope she does more Mighty Mila books. I will definitely be looking for her other children books she has had the honor of illustrating for.

I highly recommend purchasing this book. Help spread the word that Mila is here, cochlear implants and all and she isn’t going anywhere. She is one sassy little girl who isn’t going to let anything or anyone get in her way. And that is the way it should be!

Keep going, Mila, and never let anyone’s words hurt you. Keep that smile on her your face, the laugh in your belly, and that wonderous sparkle in your eye. And keep inspiring children everywhere who are just as mighty, amazing, and special as you are.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful review and for sharing about Mighty Mila with others!

    1. Crazdwriter

      I am so glad I was able to read this amazing book and review it.

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