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Powerful Meaning Inside Sweet Book- the Littlest Angel: Learns To Fly

Very Sweet Book

In one of my groups on Facebook, an author approached one of the Admins and asked if she could ask the other members in the group to read and review her newest book, The Littlest Angel Learns To Fly. As i have stated before, i used to be a Preschool Teacher and now a mother so I volunteered and looked forward to reading yet another new children’s book.

The cover jumped out at me with all of its soft yet brilliant colors and the title had me wondering what was inside. So one night after dinner, I pulled the book out and read it to my family. I have a 5-year-old daughter who is turning 6 this month who loves reading and a little 17-month-old daughter who won’t sit still. But they both listened to the story and I could tell that my oldest was enjoying it.

And not only were we given a very cute book but we were also given the coloring and activity book that you can buy to go with it. It has a lot of great activities and coloring pages inside. My oldest was thrilled and after reading the book, she instantly took the coloring book and began to work inside of it. She loves that she can color the littlest angel and his new friends any colors that she wants to as well as design wings or other items as asked on each page.

The World Inside the Book

A little angel boy watches as other angels spread their wings and take flight. Of course, he is nervous about trying to do it himself because for some reason his wings won’t open. But a voice urges him to try and so he does, falling off of the cloud he had been on and down to Earth below. There he meets some new animal friends who ask other animals and even a couple of human children to help the angel learn to fly. In the end, mamma bird is able to help him figure it out with the encouraging voice telling him to never give up. That voice of course belonging to God. And because the angel never gave up, his wings opened and he was able to fly back up to the clouds to join the other angels.

With help, never giving up, and trying his best, the angel is able to fly like he always has wanted. To me, this is a great message to children and even adults because too often does someone give up on trying new things because it is hard or they failed once and don’t want to try again. I am one of those adults who have wanted to give up on my dreams but haven’t. So this book isn’t just for little kids. I believe that this story and the message behind it is for children of all ages.

It is beautifully written and the illustrations definitely bring it to life. The animals n the book are cute and cartoonish while the humans and the angel are very cute. The animals are what caught my eye first because of how charming the animals are as they do their best to help. My favorite has to be the monkey.

Review from Kierra

I asked my oldest, Kierra, what she thought of the book after I had finished reading it to her. She told me that she likes how cute the animals are and that the angel is a boy. She also liked the drawing of the hands helping the littlest angel get to Earth safely. She liked the story and that the author said to never give up just like how her mommy and daddy tell her the same thing. She also really likes that there was a coloring and activity book to go with it.

Extra Review- Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool

My first job as a teacher assistant and teacher was at an amazing Preschool in Poway, CA called Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool. They teach the kids all about their ABCs, 123s, and everything in-between as well as the love God has for them. So once I had read this book, I knew that they would appreciate this book. So I contacted one of the teachers that I had worked with while there years ago, and she asked me to bring it in since they had just been reading about angels. I hope that other teachers will read this book to their classes as well and if they do I will be updating this blog in a couple of weeks since they are on winter break but this is a review from Mrs. Stanley, her two aides, and her Pre-K class.

Mrs. Stanley emailed me that she was pleasantly surprised that the book held her students’ attention because she had read it on the last day before winter break. Kids that are that young usually are antsy and can’t sit still, their excitement getting the better of them. But not this time. Mrs. Stanley and her two assistants loved the book and the messages of never giving up, keep trying, and you can do it. The boys in her class were surprised to hear that the angel was a boy since most stories have them as girls. She told me that it lead to a fun discussion about angels when the book was over. All of the students were very responsive to the book and had fun reading it.

About the Author

The author, Terri Whiting, has two sons and three grandchildren and knows that it can be hard as a kid when trying out new things such as sports or other hobbies. Her love of God and her wishing to help children never give up sprouted wings in this book. Now she plans to make more of these books with a passage from the bible that she hopes will inspire children and even adults to continue to strive for their dreams by never giving up.

About the Illustrator

I do not know much about the illustrator, Pardeep Mehra, except for that the pictures Pardeep has created for this book are beautiful, cartoonish, and truly adorable. This illustrator has been a part of several other children’s books and from what I can see from the covers, they all look precious.

Thank you!

I want t to send out a thank you to the author, Terri Whiting, for allowing me to read this book not only to my daughters but also to share it with a preschool whom I cherish very much. I do wish that another preschool that I had worked at before, Coast Kids Preschool in Carlsbad, CA wasn’t so far from where I live now because I would have loved to have shared it with them too. I know that they would enjoy this book as well. This book is a great gift for those children who might need a bit of encouragement in their lives. And the coloring and activity book to go with this book would also be a great gift. It is full of hours of fun.

Amazon Links

Here are the links to the book and the coloring book from Amazon if you wish to purchase this for your own child or for a child you may know who would love it. I will also include the link for the Kindle version. I hope you enjoy The Littlest Angel Learns to Fly as much as my family and I did.

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