Photo Edits Gone All Right
Disney Heaven- a tribute to a beautiful little boy taken too soon.

Photo Edits Gone All Right

While cruising around on Facebook one day, I stumbled upon someone who loves doing photo edits and I decided that I had to take a peak at her page to see what exactly she did for her customers. She didn’t just edit these pictures, she made magic and the pictures I saw were amazing. So amazing that I have had five edits done already and will be doing two more soon once I have decided which pictures I would love for her to edit. We became friends on Facebook as well, and not only do I get to enjoy her photos, but also being apart of her life. She is an amazing person all around and it is always fun to watch her magic come to life not only in her personal life but also her professional life when she shows off a new edit she had just made or in the edits that her customers have shared on her Facebook page. After I had two of my own edits done, I knew that I wanted to get to know her more, her professional business side and learn more about her business and how she came up with so many wonderful ideas for the themes she picks for edits. I contacted her, eager to interview her, and she agreed to answer a few questions for my blog. So without further ad allow me to introduce you to Nycole Evans.

When did you first begin editing pictures?

I guess it would help with some background first. I’m a mom of four wonderful kids. Two of my children are on the autism spectrum. I began editing pictures when I started doing photography about 5 years ago.
I didn’t start out editing pictures or even doing photography. Around 13 years ago I went to school for web design. At that time you developed websites from scratch. You didn’t have the free websites or WordPress that everyone uses now. I had to create all the graphics, the templates and do all the coding. I used primarily photoshop and a program call fireworks at that time. I loved it.
I did web design and development and graphic design for about 10 years full time. Until, my daughter had some health issues and I had to resign. I began doing photography with my cousin and we started a small business together. I seemed to always want to create some new design or push reality.

Was it hard or frustrating?

At first it was hard because the things that I had in my head I didn’t know the techniques to create what I wanted. Some of my first designs took days to complete because I wanted them to look a certain way. Learning to design for websites and graphic design is completely different then taking a picture and creating something new with it. It’s a whole different set of skills and learning was just as frustrating as when I started coding.

What inspired you to start editing pictures?

I have always done basic photoshopping. I think about 2 years ago I did a picture for a mom who lost her toddler son to a tragedy. She reached out to me and told me her story. She really wanted me to create a picture with this memory from her sons first trip to Disney. I spent about 7 hours creating a picture for her. I just remember while I was creating the picture feeling like whatever I came up with was out of my hands. She loved the picture. Her family calls it Disney heaven. I figured this was a way I could give back and I enjoyed doing it.

When did you begin editing for other people?

I began about 3 years ago. I started helping out on editing groups and really enjoyed it. I like to think that I’m creating these little pieces of art for a child’s imagination.

How long have you been editing pictures of others?

With my graphic design background, I have been editing for others for over 14 years.

What is your favorite background to edit pictures into?

I honestly don’t have a favorite background. I love when someone comes to me with an “idea”. I love being able to create new designs from great pictures. When the kids are dressed up or posing for a particular theme is usually the best outcome. Let your child use their imagination. If you want a Christmas themed picture and a Polar Bear somewhere in the picture have them reach out like they are petting it. I say to my kids, “pretend there is a big polar bear right in front of you and give it a pretend squeeze or a hug.”

What themes do you do for your editing?

I can do any theme. I do ALOT of Disney and I don’t mind. I am a Disney nerd. I do the most princess related themes though. Ariel is my most requested. “Can you turn my daughter into a mermaid?” is probably my most requested question.

What are your prices?

My prices vary. My edits start at $15 for a digital image and go up to $25 for custom edits.

Anything else you’d like to tell my readers about your edits or about your pages on Facebook?

Being a mom of two autistic children I understand how some kids have obsessions or particular interests that may be a little different. I know some kids that like the inner workings of a clock or trains. I’m always available to discuss new designs even if they may seem different. I also work with other photographers from all around the world. I have made some great partnerships and friends in the photography field. Most of them offer one of my edits with a photoshoot. I have those photographers listed in my facebook group and website.

Links to your pages?

I would also myself like to add that she does do a lot of wonderful specials on her page like 2 for $20 on edits or $18 on collages so don’t miss out and if you have Facebook, join her page, give her a follow. Definitely make sure that you take a look at all of her fantastic photo edits on her pages, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are three of my edits that I asked Nycole do for me with my daughters. I definitely plan to do more through her as time goes on. I do have five edits that she has done for me but I cannot post two of them as they are meant to be gifts. Once I have given them, I will update this blog and post the pictures.

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