Catastrophic Revenge

Catastrophic Revenge

Chapter 5

‘Come home with you? I’d rather die all over again,’ Torrance hisses at the man.

Boston scoots backward for a second as the cat hisses at him, his smile slowly fading, “Hey, hey, hey it’s okay to be scared. I’d be scared, too, but I promise you that I’m not going to harm you.” He slides closer again his hand out to her again. He smiles at her, feeling confident that his speech has calmed her down. He wiggles his fingers a little to get his scent to shift to her nose.

Torrance sneezes a little before she takes a few steps back. Her eyes never leave her murderer’s face. Without thinking, she lunges at his outstretched hand and bites her sharp cat fangs into his hand. Boston yelps and pulls his hand back away from the cat, shocked. He hadn’t thought that a cat would attack him like that. He sighs heavily, sad that the cat has attacked him.

Torrance watches him, leaping back away from the man, licking her lips. Thankfully no blood has gotten into her mouth as she slinks back to one of the corners, her eyes still never leaving the man. She watches as he looks down at his hand, disappointment written all over his face when she stops to think for a moment. She knew that this man murdered her and he obviously hasn’t been caught so how can she stop him from killing again? Maybe this is why she came back. She can stop him! And even though it made her feel sick, Torrance meowed at the man to stop him from leaving the room. Boston stops from standing when the cat suddenly meows at him. He sits back down as the cat trots shyly over to him. The cat looks up into his eye and meows at him, gently lifting her front paw, slightly waving it at him. He holds out his hand that she had bit to see what she will do. Torrance swallows hard and forces herself to sniff his hand, nudging it with her head. She steels herself as she licks the spot that she bit a few times. She then looks up into his eyes with as close to an apologetic facial as she can muster and meows at him again, hoping that he will forgive her.

Boston smiles and reaches forward, petting her gently on the head. Torrance meows again, pushing her head into his hand more before she climbs into his lap. She plops down, moving her body this way and that, pretending to be getting comfortable,. She closes her eyes after laying her head down on his hand that rests on his knee. She sighs deeply and forcer herself to purr, a bit surprised at how easily she can make herself purr. Boston laughs as he continues to gently pet her, not mad any longer about her biting him.

“You were just scared, huh girl? But you didn’t really mean to hiss and bite me,” he chuckles, scratching her behind her left ear.

‘If you only knew,’ Torrance thinks to herself, keeping her eyes closed so she doesn’t have to look at him.

Boston looks down at her with a curious expression, “I’ll have to come up with a good name for you, then. You’re very pretty and feisty. You have red almost orangish colored fur and the most stunning eyes.” He taps his finger against his lips as he thinks of good cat names.

‘My name is Torrance,’ she meows at him. She opens her eyes and looks up at him. She knows that he can’t understand her but she says her name anyways. Maybe it is more for her and not him but she repeats herself. ‘My name is Torrance.’

Boston gently scratches under her chin once she had lifted her head, staring thoughtfully at the wall for a few minutes. “I think I will name you…Alani.” He nods his head, his lips becoming a thin line as he agrees that that is the best name for his new cat. He slips his arms under her, cradling her to his chest with his hands as he carefully stands up He is excited that he has found a new friend finally. He gently wraps on the door, still snuggling Torrance to his chest.

Cindy opens the door to see Boston carrying the cat in his arms with a huge grin plastered to his face. A smile spreads across her face at the sight, “Oh do we have a pair of forever friends?”

Boston nods his head, “Yes and I have already named her Alani which is Hawaiian for orange tree. I know her fur is red but you can see streaks of orange too. And she is definitely strong like a tree if she was surviving on her own for so long in the park.” He bushes his face against Alani’s back and feels her shiver under him from the touch. Thinking she is cold; he snuggles her as close as he can get her to his chest until he has to give her back to Cindy at Alani’s cat condo. He waves slightly after Cindy locks her back inside of her cat condo then follows the woman down the hall and back to the front of the humane society to fill out the needed paperwork and pay the adoption fee.

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