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Super Fun Children Book- The Alekizou and His Terrible Library Plot

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I had the honor of a publishing company approach me via email in order to read a new children’s book, The Alekizou and His Terrible Library Plot, that will be available next April 2020. I was delighted because as a former Preschool Teacher and now a mom of two girls, I am ALL about children’s books. I, of course, said yes and soon I had the pdf in my email just waiting for me to crack it open and do what I do best, read! And so I was taken onto a journey with mischief yet fun and fascinating character by the name of The Alekizou.

Why do I call him mischievious? Oh Oh, a bright character who goes to a library in order to find out why everyone comes out happy only to find some tasty looking treats inside of books that he can’t read. Those tasty treats? Turns out that they are the vowels, one of the most important pieces of our vocabulary because what happens without vowels? Speaking will become very difficult.

After the mishap caused by The Alekizou, the children come to help him make amends and get back the “treats” he devoured. And how? By an amazing language that I took while in college and so glad that I did, American Sign Language. Without giving away too much more, I would have to say that this colorful fun book would look good on your bookshelf for any 2nd grader and older to read or even in libraries ready to go home with curious minds. It teaches us the importance of not only vowels and learning to read, but also that we need libraries in our lives because of not just the books that are held there but also because of the adventures that we can go on while inside of those walls.

Blurb From The Book

Through whimsy and humor, The Alekizou and His Terrible Library Plot can help children understand the importance of learning to read and supporting their local libraries. Under the watchful eye of the wise owl, children follow the mischievous Alekizou- who, by the end of the story, transforms from his library-loathing self.

Inspired by an assignment from her second-class assignment, author Nancy Turgeon brings literacy to the forefront of this sing-song book, making it a perfect addition to every classroom, library, and at-home children’s bookshelf. Children are even introduced to American Sign Language along the way!

The Alekizou and His Terrible Library Plot celebrate the importance of libraries as a transformative place in our communities. It shows how- with the right teacher and resources- even a rascal like the Alekizou can learn to embrace books and develop a love for reading. But before the Alikezou can learn to read, what first must he do? Learn all his vowels!

A, E, I, O, and U!
(And sometimes…)

About The Author

Nancy Turgeon has stepped into the world with a creative imagination and it shows here in her new book. She wants to share with the world her love of words, creating new characters and helping those see that education is very important. She did just that with the Alekizou, breathing into him life and allowing him to tromp around our world. And with the help of a challenge she had received where her second-grade teacher asked her to find words without vowels, the story of the mischievous Alekizou is born within her mind. She went to college to nurture her imagination, grow her writing and, not only does she continue to write children’s books like this great one, but she also has her own puppet theater with over 100 puppets. Now, how cool is that?

About the Illustrator

Fun bright colors that help us see an amazing character the Alikozue, is splashed onto the pages of this story by the ever so talented Patricia Cullen Raine. Her illustrations really pop and come alive throughout this book. With the help of the words, Patricia makes the Alekizou dance around on the pages as he learns about the vowels. Her depiction of the story with her pictures is truly amazing. Glad that she takes time out of her life to enrich children’s minds with her beautiful paintings.

Thank you!

I hope that these two come together again and make another great book together. I still feel honored that I was able to read this book before it is being released. So a truly heartfelt thank you to the author, Nancy Turgeon, for writing such a fun book and for including ASL. A thank you to Patricia Raine for your beautiful artwork throughout this book. And a special thank you to the City of Light Publishing for reaching out to me to allow me to read this book.

I hope that you purchase this book in April of 2020 when the book is released into the world and enjoy it as much as my family and I did.

Pre-Order Book Link

Here is the link to pre-order the book if you are interested in getting it for yourself or a kid in your life who loves fun books. Enjoy!

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