Catastrophic Revenge

Catastrophic Revenge


A few days later, a young man is walking with Cindy down the cat wing at the humane society. He is looking at the cats and kittens over and trying to find one that he would like to take home. Cindy stops in front of Alani’s cat condo to show the man the cat, “This one has quite a story behind her. She came to us as a stray, adopted the day we brought her in but had to stay for a few more days because she needed her spay surgery. Then when she went home in the afternoon a freak accident happened and a fire broke out in the office by some frayed computer wires. She was so scared that it seemed she clung to her human friend but neither could escape. She was by the window where her human was burned to a crisp in the middle of the room. It looked like he was trying to get her to the window to at least save her if he could. That poor man.” Cindy sighs as she looks at Alani, who meows gently at her.

Alani pressed her head against the glass and meows, eyeing the man who stands beside Cindy. Alani…no Terry…stares into the dark chocolate brown eyes of the man who had murdered her. She doesn’t remember when it had happened but she never forgot that face. A plan hatches in her mind as she watches the man come closer to her glass which she paws at, trying to make it seem like she is the perfect cat for him. He stares into her sky-blue eyes and she watches as he looks over her red fur though when alive she was a blonde-haired woman.

The man grins and nods to Cindy, “What a story. I’d love to visit with her. She seems really nice.”

Cindy smiles and unlocks the condo door and gently takes Alani out, “Hi Alani, this is Max. He’d like to visit with you and maybe if you’re a good girl, he will adopt you and take you to a new home.” As Cindy carries Terri, the cat looks over the human’s shoulder, grinning devilishly at Max though Max can’t see the smile on her little kitty face.

‘Oh, I will be a good girl for him. And then when he takes me home, I will get my revenge,’ Terry thinks to herself as she is placed on the ground in the visiting room.

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