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The Memory Thief

Chapter 16

A few months later, Janice sits at her desk, writing down what she had seen when she past jumped on a recent case. Simon rolls his chair over to her, kissing her on the cheek once he is beside her, and looking over her shoulder. She smiles and looks at him, pushing the papers back into the folder and setting it in her out basket before pulling another folder to her and opens it. Jock appears hovering behind the two and leans against her chair as he whispers to them what he is reading in the file. Around them, detectives come and go as they either work on their own paperwork or are going out to work on their cases.

Mr. Stephens’s office door slowly opens and Jarred, the new boss, steps out, dressed in his finest suit and top hat with a pair of goggles resting on the rim, his favorite goggles that he uses when tinkering with his car or other technological items. He straightens his black tie as he walks over to Simon, Janice, and Jock. He pats Jock on the back and rests a hand on Simon’s shoulder as he too looks down in the file.

“Looks like we have another unsolved case that has been going on for a while,” Jarred tells them in a hushed voice. “I have the file on my desk and I think we are just the team to go after this punk.”

Janice closes the file she is working on, “Shall we take the folder and go out to get some coffee and lunch while we look it over?”

“I am game,” Simon says as he stands up, pushing his chair back over to his desk before he walks back over to Janice and helps her stand up, giving her the cane that rests up against the side of the desk.

“I am game,” Simon says as he stands up, pushing his chair back over to his desk before he walks back over to Janice and helps her stand up, giving her the cane that rests up against the side of the desk.

Janice accepts the cane, putting a bit of weight on it as she follows her friends out of the office and to Simon’s steam car that sits in the parking lot. Jock and Jarred hop into the back seat and Simon take off down the street, aiming for one of their favorite coffee shops, Coffee Up, the same one where they always go and meet with Elizabeth.

Simon finds a parking spot behind the building and they walk inside to get a table, Jarred tapping a finger on the folder a bit as his eyes scans the tables for a free one. Finding one in the back, they head over and sit down just as Elizabeth joins them, brushing her hair back from her face.

“Hi guys, have another case you will be working on?” she asks as she pulls out a pen and pad of paper.

“Yep another unsolved mystery that has been in our office for quite a long time,” Simon tells her as he helps Janice sit down in the booth next to him.

Elizabeth takes the cane from Janice and places it behind the booth against the wall before she comes back to take their order. Once she has their order, she walks off to get their order into the kitchen before she has to deal with some other items as the new owner of the coffee shop. After the whole thing with the memory thief, she left her job as a detective and became the new owner and manager of the coffee shop.

Jarred opens the folder and hands out the papers from inside, letting everyone read what they said. “Okay team, how are we going to handle this one?” he asks as he looks from Jock to Janice to Simon.

The team takes a few minutes to read what is going on in the case that they are about to take on then grins as they look up at Jarred, ready to discuss what they will have to do in order to find the culprit and bring them to justice.

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