Expedition Roasters Coffee

Expedition Roasters Coffee

Prints Charming Co. Signature Brew

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I am a huge Disney fan and always looking for Disney food or drinks to try out since we can’t go to the parks until who knows when and even before the changes in the world, we couldn’t go all of the time. So any Disney related food ideas and drink ideas that I can find online or through my Disney friends to make at home are always appreciated. Thankfully someone helped me find this coffee company and I couldn’t be happier.

A Disney friend a few years ago contacted me through Facebook when I was asking for Disney coffee ideas since I love their coffee but cannot go to Disneyland anytime I wish to enjoy a cup. He told me that he loves coffee as much as I and introduced me to Expedition Roasters. Sadly, at the time I could not afford any of the coffee so I forgot and no I didn’t save the link. But now I can and my husband and I are on a journey through their coffees. Of course, they don’t just sell coffee, but also teas, hot chocolate, apparel, mugs, accessories, and even some really neat art prints. And of course, all Disney related.

But back to the coffee! A few years later from that discussion with the Disney friend, I found the coffee website again and I showed it to my husband, who is a Disney fan like me. I wanted to surprise him with our first order so I went through the list and the very first coffee that caught my attention was called Prints Charming Co. Signature Blend. My husband is a big whiskey fan and the coffee is described to have whiskey notes in it so why not?

Not my photo but gotten online.

When it came in, I instantly handed it to my husband and his eyes lit up. We made a pot right then even though it was closer to the afternoon. The smells of the coffee burst out of the bag as soon as I opened it and we were both ready for the brewing to begin, or truthfully for the brewing to end. Once it started brewing, the strong bold smells of caramel, whiskey, and french vanilla came wafting out of the pot, filling the kitchen.

We were ready for our first sip of the coffee and once we did the boldness exploded on our tongues. The flavors are mixed well together, bringing happiness in each sip, and no it isn’t just because of it being Disney related. The coffee isn’t too sweet nor too bitter. It is strong and not too dark, definitely refreshing in the morning. I give this coffee a 4 out of 5 stars because it is not my favorite as I have tried quite a few others from this coffee company. And as much as the flavors are nice in this one, my husband liked it more than I did. On a list from 1 to 9, I would have to say this coffee sits at an 8.

Here is the link to Prints Charming Co. Signature Blend in case you would like to give it a try and I hope you do. Enjoy!

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