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Lake Arcadia

Written by Blake R. Wolfe

Book Review

When I first saw this book being advertised on Twitter, I jumped at it, buying the Ebook so that I can read it. The author, Blake R. Wolfe, sat down with an idea and this book exploded! I read the back of the book and rubbed my hands together because I love a good mystery.

Blake didn’t just write a thriller mystery here, he wrapped it with a big old horror bow to finish it off. I read the first chapter, enjoying getting to know the first character. I felt sorry for the character because of the circumstances Blake put the poor man through. And by the end of that chapter, my eyes were wide and I was shocked, not having expected what I read.

Author- Blake R. Wolfe

Each chapter drags you further and further into the lives of other characters who either live around the beautiful peaceful lake or those who came to just visit. And then they meet the thing in the lake and those characters are just gone. Or traumatized beyond belief.

Blake has just added another place, fictional yes, but still another place I would never visit if it was real. Lake Arcadia is being placed on the nope list along with Amity Island and Camp Crystal Lake. The creature in the lake does get expelled from the lake later on thankfully leaving the poor town alone but still, nope, I still wouldn’t visit. And the creature, the mermaid, is free on the world by the end of the story.

I love mermaids, they are one of my favorite creatures and Blake has shown them for their evil more dangerous side that is eye-popping and done in such a magical way that she is still beautiful but not a creature you would want to meet face to face. This mermaid is the villain I love to hate because he has taken the fun happy mermaid and made her into an evil human devouring creature. If you love mermaids, this mermaid is one you need to read about.

Bravo Blake! This is another 5-star book that I cannot wait to read again. In fact, I went back to Amazon and bought his book so that I not only have the Ebook but also have the physical book in my possession. I can’t wait to read more by Blake R. Wolfe. His imagination is amazing and I hope there is a new book on the horizon. Please go to Amazon and buy it, devour it, and enjoy it as much as I have.

Down below is the link to either buy the Ebook and/or the book itself from Amazon.

Ebook or physical book right here!
Got my book and E-book now.
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