Hernia Repair- Surgery # 3

Hernia Repair- Surgery # 3

Date- June 30, 2020

After having to have already two hernia repairs and a gallbladder removal prior to this latest surgery, I thought that this one would be a piece of cake. My first hernia surgery was July 16, 2019. My second hernia repair and emergency gallbladder removal happened sometime in October of 2019 but I can’t remember the exact date. I said emergency because I had to be taken to the ER in excruciating pain. Come to find out that I had passed a gallbladder stone and still had others in there that could cause more issues in the future. So my amazing husband took time off, and they did the surgery. It was mainly for the gallbladder, but they were nice enough to stitch up the hernia as well.

I do wish though that it had stayed closed but they didn’t and back in February I started noticing that I was in pain and something was sticking out of my stomach. It was indeed another umbilical hernia and a larger one at that. So I went back to the General Surgery doctors and talked to my GS at the time. We came up with a plan to do my surgery in April. I was excited and nervous because I needed this gone.

But then the world began to crumble and this horrible virus began to rampage throughout the states. My surgery was canceled and they didn’t know when I could have it. I even went to the ER again because it was causing me a lot of pain back in May but they turned me away. They would not help me because of the virus.

My GS at the time retired from the military and he put in for a colleague that he had worked with together before to take over my case. Of course, I had to wait because this doctor was aboard the Mercy, which was up north, helping out. The Mercy finally came back and I was able to go in and see him at the beginning of June. We discussed how I would have to have a robotic type surgery this time around so that he can place mesh inside for my insides to bond with and protect me from future hernias in that area. I told him I am ready to get this over with because the hernia is causing me discomfort and pain.

I signed the paper work and had to wait for my surgery date- July 1st!

Finally, the day before came, June 30th, and I was all nervous and anxious about the surgery. I would have to go in alone as they are only allowing one member to stay with you but my husband has to watch our youngest. Thankfully, our oldest stayed with my parents.

I washed with the special soap they gave me, doing it twice as instructed- once after dinner and once before bed. I climbed into bed that night, my husband and youngest beside me, and slept as well as I could. I had to get up at 4 AM the next morning for the last washing. I could not eat, drink, put on deodorant or any lotions, or wear my jewelry or contacts. Just get dressed, pack my bag, and go.

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