Life: A Book of Poems

Life: A Book of Poems

Written by Troy Jackson

Book Review

I bought this E-Book a while ago but hadn’t had any free time to read it until finally, I found the time. My daughter started up gymnastics again and as I waited for her, I decided now would be the time. I have been wanting to read the poems this man has written for a few weeks now. He and I have chatted from time to time on Twitter and I was super excited to purchase his poems.

So I sat in my car and ready myself for whatever may happen when I swipe the pages and read the poems. And I have to say that Troy did an amazing job on all of his poems in this book.

He wrote from the heart and I caught myself smiling, caught myself laughing, and even caught myself tearing up as his words hit hard. Life has been felt and lived by this man and he has shared it with us in his amazing poetry book.

Author Troy Jackson

Like I have said before in another blog about a poetry book, I am not much of a poem book reader, used to be, but for some reason, I had stopped. I am really glad that I decided to give poetry another go and was able to feel while reading Troy’s words.

Poetry about his family, about the world, about his favorite authors, and those who have made an impact on his life. And even the poem that made me giggle about Twitter. All of these poems definitely came from the heart and that is how poetry should be written.

I hope that he writes more poems and publishes them in the near future. And I hope that you decide to buy either the E-Book or the actual book and take the time to read his Life poems. Well worth it in my opinion. Here is the link for Troy’s poetry book on Amazon so you may read and enjoy them as much as I have.

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