Which Witch? – Chapter 3

Which Witch? – Chapter 3

Writing Prompt # 72

Chapter 3

“Phew so glad that my workday is over,” Glenda tells Jazz as she eats a fry smothered in nacho cheese sauce. “Today was rough, even more than last Saturday or even any day the past week when I worked after school.”

Jazz laughs eating her own french dry dripping with nacho cheese sauce, dribbling a little of the cheese on the table before she pops it into her mouth. “Oh, shoot.” She cleans up her mess, making sure to get every drip. “Well, I did get the pictures of the shoes I love for you to look at and I can’t wait to show them to you.” She grabs her purse from the nearby chair, nearly knocking off the bags with her party goodies. Pulling out her phone, she drops her purse back onto the pile of bags and unlocks her phone with one hand, eating another cheesy fry. She slides the phone over the table so that Glenda can take a look at the shoes even though Glenda has no idea what the outfits look like.

Glenda picks up the phone and begins to scroll through them, counting about 10 different shoes, and laughs. In her mind, several outfits appear that she thought would be perfect for the shoes that she sees.

“Shoot, my cheese is getting cold,” Jazz complains, poking a finger into the cheese with a pout. She licks the cheese off as she gives Glenda puppy eyes, “Glenda, can you warm up my cheese please?”

Glenda glances up, “Hmm?” She sees Jazz’s pleading eyes and sighs, “Of course, Jazz.” She takes the fries from Jazz and whispers a few words, the cheese warming up until it is the way Jazz likes, not too hot but definitely not cold either.

“Thank you,” Jazz squeals and digs back into her food, while Glenda goes back to looking at the shoes.

After lunch, they spend the rest of the day wandering from store to store, looking at clothes, shoes, Jazz buying two pairs of shoes she just had to have, and other knickknacks. Glenda buys a few new books, two lipsticks, and a dress to wear to the party. She hadn’t found anything before but thankfully a trip to the new dress shop provides her with a pretty new seafoam green dress.

She already has her swimsuit, shorts, and a shirt that she will wear for the first part of the party. And now with the new dress, she has the last piece to complete the party look for the second part of the party. Jazz and Glenda say they’re goodbyes around 4:30 since they both have to get home before dinner with their families. They walk to their cars, the plans to meet at Jazz’s house in the morning in place, and wave to each other after they get into their cars.

Glenda drives the four miles to her two-story house, ready to eat dinner and unwind by playing Magic Dungeon with a few friends online. Then it will be bedtime and off to dreamland where she can practice controlling her dreams. When she gets home, she heads inside and walks into the kitchen to see her mom brewing up something in a small cauldron. Her dad isn’t home yet from work.

“Hey mom, I finally found my dress for tomorrow. Do you want to see it?” she asks, teasing her mom by holding up the dress bag.

“Of course, I do, Hunny.” Her mom looks up from the spell she is working on, sweet aromas filling the air, her golden eyes twinkling as she stares at the bag.

Glenda’s own sapphire eyes smile as she pulls out the new seafoam green dress, “Ta-da!”

Her mom walks around the kitchen island, “Oh Hunny, it is gorgeous. What a fun little party dress and I can’t wait to see you in it. Do I get a special peek of you wearing it?”

Upstairs, she can hear her mom chanting as she finishes her spell, most likely making a potion for one of the neighbors. She slips out of her clothes tossing them into her laundry basket and puts on the new dress. She stares into her mirror closet for a moment before she twirls her fingers above her head, her long straight dark brown hair magically curling, and sitting around her head like a crown. She then opens her closet and plucks out a pair of pretty black heels that her mom and dad had bought her last year.

She closes the closet, puts on the shoes, and heads back upstairs to show her mom her look for the dance party. She twirls once she is in the kitchen, her mom smiling, and nodding her head in approval.

“Now how do you plan to do your makeup? Light and airy or smokey and dramatic?” her mom asks as she bottles up the potion she just finished, corking it and setting it on the countertop, pouring more in another bottle, having enough for at least five small bottles.

“I don’t know yet,” Glenda tells her mom.

“I think airy and light personally,” a male voice says behind her.

She turns around as her dad walks up, kissing her on the forehead, “Love the new dress, Hunny. It really makes your eyes shine.”

“Thanks, dad,” she says, rushing back to the stairs, heading back down in order to get ready for dinner, not wanting to mess up her dress by accidentally getting food on it.

When she returns, dinner is ready, and it is time to eat. They chat around the table as they eat pork chops, green beans and bacon, and a delicious arugula salad with homemade lemon balsamic vinaigrette. They talked about work and their days. Glenda tells them her plans for the rest of the night and how she will be heading to Jazz’s house around 8 am so that they can get everything done.

After dinner, Glenda heads to her room to play her game while her parents clean up the kitchen and then retreat to their room for the night of reading. Glenda plays for a few hours then gets ready for bed and climbs under the covers just a few minutes after 10:30. She slips into her dreams, ready to start practicing her dream magic.

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