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Hagen’s Curse- Book Review

Written by James Emmi

At the beginning of this crazy year, I told myself that I would read at least 3 adult books; meaning books without pictures or targeted for children as the past few years it has been none stop kid books. I have surpassed this goal and I am so proud that this amazing fantasy book fell into my lap, er email, and I had the pleasure of reading it, adding it to my read shelf.

Author James Emmi

The author, James Emmi, pulled out all the stops on a witch hunt that surpassed witch hunts when it came to this delicious morsel of writing. A fantasy story that I will be placing on my favorite book shelf.

Town life does not sound easy but the town of Hagen sounded like a nice place to live with a King over ruling in the background but once the characters begin to show their true nature, oh man did I want to bow out and I don’t even live there.

His characters are so lively that it felt at times as if they were sitting beside me. And one, Hans, the only baker in town, is definitely one of those characters you loath with a passion. I wanted to smack him upside the head on several occasions. Devious as all get out, he is the one in town you have to watch yourself around for fear of getting backstabbed.

And then there is the ever strong Miss Anika Everhart who stood up against the tyranny that is the town of Hagen and against Hans Heckler. With her lover, Jonathan, she fought for her rights as well as the rights of others in town, in her own way showing them to stand up for themselves. She didn’t want to just be a beekeeper, she wanted to show others she can bake too but that got her into trouble along with other acts I will not mention so you can go find out yourself.

I will not give away anymore as I believe that you should grab this book for yourself, find a comfy place, and immerse yourself into it fully.

James, thank you for allowing me to read your book. It is amazing and so well written, I will definitely be keeping an eye on you and your future books.

Here is the Amazon link to go get your own copy! So? What are you waiting for? Go!

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