A Quest For Love- Chapter 11

A Quest For Love- Chapter 11

A male voice calls out a spell, sending Trent violently flying backwards and up against the wall beside the opened doors. Trent yelps once he hits and falls onto his hands and knees, out of breath.

Sarah, Eric, and Adam look to see Kyle still standing very much alive, but Sapphire lays in his arms without life, having sacrificed herself to save the good warlock. Sarah lets out an anguish cry as she rushes forward, taking the fairy from Kyle’s arms, shaking her head and whispering her name, hoping Sapphire will open her eyes.

To her dismay, Sapphire’s eyes remain closed and her breath does not return to her. Sarah lowers her head and cries, hugging her fairy friend’s lifeless body close while Kyle watches Trent as the evil warlock struggles to his feet. Eric and Adam both react by head butting a servant each before they fight the other servants, leaving their weapons on the ground where they lay after they were dropped. They didn’t want to hurt the men and women fighting them with weapons, but knew they had to defend themselves.

“Destroy the rubies,” Sarah says through her tears, laying Sapphire onto the ground. She stands up and hits the first servant she comes upon on the wrist where the ruby sits in a bracelet.

As soon as the ruby is destroyed, the woman looks around confused for a moment, her eyes clearing of the empty blackness and returns to a soft honey brown. She looks to see that she is standing beside her old master, Kyle, and gasps in shock, remembering how Trent had banished her old master from the castle.

“Rosie, I am so glad to see you are okay,” Kyle tells her, laughing at her shock facial. “Let’s show Trent what he doesn’t know about you all. Free the others by breaking the rubies.” Kyle eyes the servants, barely fighting Eric and Adam, “It is embarrassing how they fight now.”

Rosie looks at her friends and nods, “I agree, master.”

“No, Rosie, I am not your master. I would rather be your friend,” Kyle says, smiling.

“You have changed, Kyle,” Rosie comments with a genuine smile, not the usual scared smile the servants used to have on their face when Kyle was in charge there.

Rosie cracks her neck and faces her fellow servants, “Time to fight back you all.” She fights with ease, breaking ruby after ruby and freeing the men and women who take a moment to survey their surroundings, figure out what is going on, and begins to expertly fight to free the others.

Trent struggles to his feet after the ‘shove’ he had received from Kyle and watches in awe and shock his servants fighting with great skill, something he hadn’t known about since he had slipped on the jewelry while they slept, never knowing that Kyle had trained his servants to fight.

Trent looks around for his staff, but he can’t see it anywhere in reach. He throws his hands forward, hissing and mumbling, causing Kyle and those around him to fly backwards as lightning slams down into the ground, sending debris raining down around them once they had hit the ground. Sarah scurries back to her feet, glaring at Trent as the warlock continues to use his magic against those servants who are no longer under his control.

Eric and Adam move back to back as they face a few servants who have yet to be saved. They block and hit, aiming for the rubies to destroy them, having help by other servants free from Trent’s spell.

A few servants are sadly killed by Trent and his magic, especially after he finds his staff that had been lodged into the wall. Trent struggled to get the staff free, but once it is in his hands, a wicked gleam enters his eyes and he turns on the servants with no care in the world as they fall dead in front of him.

Sarah lunges at Trent, her eyes glancing to where Sapphire still lays, her lifeless face turned away from Sarah. Sarah lets her anger get the best of her as she leaps over a few fallen servants, landing in front of Trent, startling him.

“No more, Trent! I won’t allow you to kill anymore,” she growls at him.

“Then tell me you will marry me and be my wife, Sarah, and I will let the rest go free,” Trent demands.

Sarah slides one leg back and holds up her hands in front of her, “Never!” She kicks her foot up, taking Trent by surprise and kicking him in the stomach.

Trent yelps as he doubles over in pain as Sarah’s foot connects with his stomach. He raises his hands up to fend off her attacks, but she doesn’t let up, kicking and punching the Warlock so much that he drops his staff. Kyle hits another servant in the chest with his hand made staff, breaking the ruby on her necklace. He then holds his hand up, calling Trent’s staff to him. The staff shakes a little but doesn’t go to him, Trent’s evil still clutching it with every fiber. Sarah sees that he is struggling and spins around, sending the staff flying over the outstretched hands of the servants of those still under Trent’s control.

One servant catches it but Eric leaps up off of Adam’s hands and soars over the fighting below, reaching his hand out, snatching the staff from the servant’s hand and flips before he lands on his feet not that far from Kyle. He turns and tosses it into Kyle’s hand; the staff shaking as it tries to return to Trent, who is still fighting Sarah.

Kyle grasps the staff, whispering words repeatedly as he does his best to break the hold Trent has over his old staff. Finally, the dragon’s head lets out a bellow of fire before its eyes change to a matching icy blue like Kyle. Kyle grins, pressing his new staff to the old, creating a brand-new staff that melts evil and good together into a dragon headed staff with ivy twisting down the rest of it. Kyle then turns to stare at Trent, ready to fight the warlock who back stabbed him and stole everything from him.

Sarah feels the change behind her, and she flips backwards down the stairs to help Eric and Adam release the rest of the servants. Kyle grins at Trent who is leaning up against the wall, breathing hard from his fight with Sarah, his own eyes glaring at Kyle. Kyle takes one step forward, his eyes glowing as he lifts into the air and floats over everyone, landing just a few feet in front of Trent.

“Hello, Trent,” Kyle hisses, sneering at him as he holds his new staff in front of him. “Like what I did to my staff? I think the ivy gives it a more magical touch, don’t you?”

Trent holds his hands up and is ready to call forth a dark entity, but Kyle shakes his head, pressing his fingers to his lips, Trent’s lips becoming glued shut so he can’t utter a magic word. Kyle then walks closer, whispering a spell that picks Trent up, hovering him up several feet above the hard ground.

“I am going to enjoy this,” Kyle purrs as he gets ready to let the warlock fall to his death at his feet.

“Kyle, no!” Eric calls out to him, “Don’t kill him!”

“He took your bride, and he took his gems in order to enslave a lot more people, forcing them to do his bidding. He deserves to die,” Kyle says harshly over his shoulder at Eric, showing them a scarier side, his evil warlock side trying to read its ugly head once again.

Sarah breaks a few more gems before she walks over to Kyle, placing her delicate hand on his shoulder, “He deserves his powers stripped at least but not death. Sapphire gave her life to save yours so you can be the one to stop Trent, even though she knew that it meant never seeing her family again who are still trapped somewhere inside the castle dungeons. Please, don’t kill him. For her sake.”

Trent nods his head, eyes wide in fear as he stares down at the ground below. He screams behind glued lips as he falls but stops only inches from the ground, crying and shaking his head, thinking that he is about to die. Kyle lets him hover over the ground just a few inches for a moment, then drops him, knowing that he wouldn’t get hurt from that distance. Kyle’s eyes lose their glow as he holds up the staff above the defeated warlock.

“I will do what you had done to me and take away all over your magic. You will live the rest of your life alone as a mute and we don’t want you to find someone like I did and gain your magic back,” Kyle tells Trent before he sharply swings his staff this way and that over the warlock. He yells out, staring up at the sky, “Forces of good and evil, I implore you to hear my cry. Take this man’s magic and voice from him, let him wander the world alone for his evil deeds.”

A light shine above Trent while dark clouds stretch down towards him, ready to take his voice and magic. Trent shakes his head and tries to back away from the light and darkness but cannot, both light and dark, grabbing the poor man. Sarah and the others turn their heads away as the light and darkness grows brighter around Trent.

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