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A Quest For Love- Chapter 12

Flowers gently rain down upon the elves as they stand in the meadow, their eyes on Eric who stands nervously under the archway with the Elder who is patting him on the shoulder. A beautiful dragon swoops down out of the sky, carrying Sarah in a new wedding dress upon his back, Laeros letting out a roar to let people know that they are coming. The elves, fairies, all of Kyle’s now free servants, Adam, the dwarves, and Kyle stand, turning to face the back as Laeros lands and Sarah slides down his back.

She presses her head against Laeros’s nose before she turns and connects arms with her father once again, facing Eric and the others. Her veil slowly flutters down behind her like a fairy wing as she brushes her hair gently back since the wind had kicked it forward. Around her neck sits a new necklace, a special necklace with butterfly wings made of sapphires in honor of her friend who perished over a month ago.

Adam had returned home with the gems, returning them to where they now sit in the mountain’s belly in a large room. Kyle finished freeing the rest of his servants from Trent’s hold and then told them to go find their place in the world, that the castle will sit empty. Laeros had overpowered Dalinda, and now they are together.

Eric and Sarah traveled with Sapphire’s family back home, taking Sapphire to where she would be laid to rest for evermore. It had been hard on both Sarah and Sapphire’s mom, the two instantly connecting and growing a powerful bond.

Once Eric and Sarah had returned home a month after the journey, they waited a little longer to get married as Sarah needed to prepare invitations for their new friends, wanting an even bigger wedding than before.

Now the sun is shining with just a few white clouds dancing on the beautiful autumn day. Flowers spin a little, then rain gently down along the path as Sarah walks, courtesy of Kyle’s magic. Everyone smiles happily as they watch the bride and father of the bride get ready to walk to Eric and the Elder Elf, though there are a few armed elves and dwarves at the back ready for anything.

Sarah turns to face Eric once again after she and her father walk down the aisle, their eyes locking and both barely hearing the words from the Elder. They say their vows, Eric able to say them without stumbling over his words this time, and Sarah able to say hers completely. The Elder asks if they will cherish one another as husband and wife, which they respond with ‘I do’. They exchange magnificent rings that have been forged by elves, fairies, dwarves, and magic, creating a stunning gold ring with sapphires for her and a magnificent dark metal dragon ring for him. The Elder tells everyone that two have become one and Eric and Sarah are now husband and wife.

Flowers rain down upon them as they kiss, and their family and friends cheer. Eric and Sarah laugh as they turn to face everyone, holding hands and joyous tears streaking down their cheeks. Adam and Kyle join the two, hugging Sarah and shaking hands with Eric. They place their arms around one another as they face forward, grinning from ear to ear and laughter filling the morning sky.

A brotherhood and sisterhood have formed between two elves, a dwarf, and an evil warlock turned thief turned good warlock. They call themselves The Paladins and they are ready for anything life may throw at them.

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