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Making March by Hayley Walsh

A Book Review

A divorced woman who has to lose weight and get through a couple of months before she has to go on a cruise and go to a wedding for a friend takes us along for the crazy ride. She doesn’t know how she will handle it since she is a newly divorced woman and feels low. She feels over weight, ugly, and just plain blah, having to go to certain events with her nagging mother and a few others who she can’t stand, minus her friend Heather, the one she likes and the one who is getting married. She even has to deal with her daughter who seems to be like Kate herself said the Bride of Chucky. Kate, the main character of this crazy ride called life, has to survive until March when the wedding will take place and then she can relax and not have to worry about weddings, cruises, and other nights out for before the wedding.

This book is written in an interesting style that I really enjoy, where Kate is writing entries in her own journal to us the readers. I love diary entry styled books, and this caught my attention when I first found it through my author friend, Hayley Walsh’s Twitter page. I was excited to read it because it sounds like a fun read.

Hayley wrote this book so well that I felt attacked; I was happy; I was sad; I felt as excited as Kate did when she went on disastrous dates or on the cruise which turned out to be fun thankfully. And I felt deeply whenever she talked about her weight since I too struggle with my weight and want it off.

This book is a great read, and I loved every minute that I could catch for myself to read it. I have slipped this onto my favorite book shelf and will most likely return to it again to read it in the future, after I read all of my other books. I have also purchased two other books by this author that I can’t wait to read and looking forward to a new book that she is now writing and will hopefully be published next year.

Hayley, thank you for attacking me in this book and making me laugh all the while I went through this journey with Kate. Your sense of humor is amazing, and I loved it. Well, maybe not the whole spiders trying to drive your cars out there in Australia. That whole chapter was quite eye opening and freaky even though I knew about some of those critters. Australia I would love to still visit you one day, but those critters can stay away. But again, read this book yourself. Grab a copy at the link below, either on kindle or buy a paperback. Great read!

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