Through the Gates of Hell
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Through the Gates of Hell

FanFiction for PaladinesGamingTeam

Here is the second short story that I wrote for PaladinesGamingTeam for their 1 year Twitch contest. Since they love games, but not really like horror games, and since horror is my favorite to write, of course I had to write them into a horror story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it.


The car rolls to a stop, lights turning off and plunging the four people inside into darkness. Outside, lightning lights up the sky, the dark rain clouds clinging to one another as rain pours down onto the car. The four look around outside, jumping at the sounds of thunder as it rolls across the clouds above. Anxious brown eyes look down at the car, whispering, “come on…. come on” repeatedly as he tries to get the car to start again. But the car doesn’t start again, the light for check engine blinking angrily at him and the gaslight.

“Adam? Why isn’t the car starting?” a scared female voice calls to him from the back seat.

“Looks like there is an engine problem and we are out of gas,” Adam replies, hitting the steering wheel. “We aren’t going anywhere now.”

“There is a house over there on that hill,” a finger points past Adam and the other young man sitting beside him. “Maybe we can use their phone to call for help.”

“Eric, it’s pouring rain. Why not just use your cell phone?” Sarah asks, staring up at the sky as it continues to pour with no signs of letting up.

Kyle turns in his seat to look back at Sarah, holding out his phone, “Already been trying and there is no service here. So, we need to make a run for the house.”

Sarah pouts for a moment but nods, her own phone showing her that there is no service and that the house is the only place close to help them. It is getting late, and the storm is not letting up, so they need to get somewhere to stay safe. As if the storm hears them, lightning hits the ground only a few meters from their car, causing the four to scream and scamper out of the car. They run in the rain towards the dark looming house, Adam in the lead, pushing the gate open once he gets there, ignoring the loud creak. Sarah enters the yard and looks around for a moment, seeing tall dead trees and smaller dark figures that look somewhat like gravestones. Adam and Kyle leap up on the old porch, Kyle knocking loudly on the door, hoping that whoever is inside will hear them, even if they are asleep.

Nothing happens, so he knocks again, this time the front door opening under his persistent knock. Adam and Kyle walk into the house, both shouting hello so that the owner can hear them as they entered. A few lit candles are all the light they can see as the four friends walk inside and look around. Sarah stands by the door, shivering as she looks around the large entryway, cobwebs apparent in the corners and the furniture looking old, broken, and dirty. It didn’t look like anyone has lived in the house for a long time.

“Guys, I don’t think anyone lives here,” Sarah tells them as she hurries over to Eric, who is peering into the kitchen.

Adam enters the room off to their left while Kyle walks up the stairs to see if he can either find someone who lives there or a phone in the upstairs hallway. Sarah grabs onto Eric’s arm and they walk into the kitchen together to see if they can find a phone, since back in the day there were landlines on the wall by the refrigerator. There is a phone next to the refrigerator, but it is hanging off of the receiver and obviously hasn’t been used in ages.

“Guys, I found a phone,” Kyle calls from upstairs.

Adam, Sarah, and Eric run out to the entryway to find Kyle, but they don’t see him at the top of the stairs. They hear what sounds like someone choking and someone else cackling. Sarah looks around then sees what looks like fire slowly creeping out of the ground towards them. She screams and runs for the stairs, the fire chasing her.

Eric and Adam don’t see the fire on the ground below them, so they assume she is running up to help Kyle. Eric tries to grab her hand to prevent them from getting separated since they didn’t know what has happened to Kyle yet, his fingers only lightly raking her hand since she is faster than he. As if to answer Eric’s silent question, Kyle’s body drops to the ground, eyes glazed over in death. Standing above him is a woman who has horrible burns all over her body and white eyes that stare down at Sarah, who is still hurrying up the stairs towards her.

“Sarah! Look out!” Adam calls out after her, already lunging forward to get up the stairs to save her.

Sarah looks up to see the woman reaching out for her, then sees Kyle’s dead body and screams again. She turns and makes her way back down the stairs, but the woman reaches forward and pushes Sarah from behind, cackling as Sarah trips and falls down the stairs. Sarah runs into Adam and they both tumble to the ground. Adam slowly gets up, groaning while Eric kneels down beside Sarah who doesn’t move. Adam looks up at the woman and drags Eric back away from the stairs, leaving Sarah staring at him blankly and the woman who is floating slowly down the stairs behind.

Adam shoves the office door closed, Eric falling to his knees as he tries to grasp his sanity and what is going on. Adam locks the door, though he doesn’t think that it will help since the woman doesn’t seem to be alive. He then turns and heads back to the desk where he had been reading articles and a diary earlier. “Eric, check this out.”

Eric stands and walks over to the desk, his eyes seeing a lot of old newspaper clippings scattered around the desk. He picks up the closest one and reads that the house belonged to a woman named Alanna who had fallen in love with a man who turned out to be a murderer. The man set her house on fire late one night after robbing the place during a storm, and Alanna never escaped. The article says she had no family and that the man was still loose. Eric then reads an article written by a ghost hunter stating that they, he and his team of 3, had entered the house and encountered a lot of strange happenings, including their car dying in front of the house when they had already filled the gas tank and serviced their car.

“What is going on?”

“Looks like we have to get rid of Alanna, putting her to rest.” Adam says as he points at a table beside a dirty fireplace that has a few items like holy water, salt, and some other equipment that will help them detect where Alanna is in the house as they search for her. “We have to find her bones and burn them. By fire she lives, and by fire she must die again,” Adam reads as he points in an old book.

“She already killed Sarah and Kyle,” Eric says as he grabs the holy water and a strange-looking box with lights on it. “So it’s time we kill her again.”

Adam agrees and grabs other equipment, including a flashlight and the two sneak out of the office, not seeing Alanna anywhere. Eric looks down at where Sarah had been laying, her body missing, and he glances up the stairs to see that Kyle’s body is missing too.


“Yea, I see it too. But we have to keep looking,” Adam says as he heads up the stairs again. “She died in her room, so I am thinking maybe her bones are in there.”

Eric agrees and the two head up the stairs, looking in this room and that trying to find Alanna’s room. Finally, they find an old room with broken furniture, and an opened closet full of ripped old period time dresses that at one time were beautiful. They slowly walk more into the room, looking around at the cobwebs and broken furniture, making sure that Alanna isn’t hiding in any of the dark corners.

Adam’s flashlight runs over one corner but stops, his hand shaking as Alanna looks up from where she is hiding and grins at him and Eric. “Eric… run!”

Eric looks up at the woman and backpedals out of the room, the door slamming in his face and locking Adam in the room with the scary ghost. He bangs on the door, yelling out Adam’s name as his friend screams and then silence. The door unlocks itself and Eric bursts back inside, but no one is there. He grabs the fallen flashlight and quickly looks around but doesn’t find the bones of Alanna, so he rushes out and looks in each room, finding nothing.

Stairs to the attic pop out of the ceiling in front of him and he jumps, nearly dropping the flashlight. He grabs the stairs, pulls them down and looks up into the darkness. He lets out a scared breath and slowly climbs up the stairs, peeking his head inside. He sees a figure at the end of the attic in front of a filthy window and he nearly heads back down, thinking it is Alanna, but something tells him to shine his light over it. He shines the light over to see that it is an old bag tied with twine and he pushes himself forward, running across the attic even though he knew he was making a noise that could alert Alanna to his presence. He unties the bag to see bones inside, wrapped in an old nightgown that has obviously been burned.

“Yes, found the bones,” Eric says and looks around for a lighter to set them on fire. “The fireplace down in the office looked like it had the things I need.” He grabs the bag and runs back towards the stairs, hearing a cry from behind him. He turns to see Alanna ooze up from the ground, reaching out towards him since he has her bones.

“No way, lady!” he yells as he squirts the holy water at the ghost, who screams in pain, sizzling once the droplets hit her ghost body.

While Alanna is trying to wipe the water off, Eric hurries back down the stairs to get to the office, letting the stairs close behind him and hopefully trapping the ghost for a while. He rushes down the hallway to the stairs and runs carefully down the stairs, eyes on the office door. Behind him, he hears screaming and glances over his shoulder to see Alanna running down the hallway to get to the stairs. Eric turns away, nearly falling down the rest of the stairs, but leaps off and lands on his feet, rolling forward and pushing himself back onto his feet. He grabs the bag of bones where it fell and rushes for the office, the sounds of Alanna hurrying from behind him growing louder. He ducks as a vase sale over his head, but he trips over a rug that he hadn’t noticed before. He turns and screams as Alanna dives on top of him, his hands going up to fend off the ghost, but it doesn’t help, and the world goes black.

Eric gasps as he yanks off the VR headset and looks over to see Sarah, Kyle, and Adam sitting on the couch in the office waiting for him to finish the game. He sets his VR stuff down on the desk in front of him and shudders, “I had the bones but wasn’t fast enough. That game is way too intense!” He sits down next to Sarah and looks over at them. “Who’s idea was it to play Through the Gates of Hell?”

Kyle slowly raises his hand while Adam and Sarah point at him, glaring at him. “Hey, I heard it was a good horror game and well I think it was even though I died first. I would go back in if you all are willing.”

In unison the others yell, “NO!”

Kyle chuckles, “Okay, okay let’s go get some popcorn, order some pizza and soda, and watch some movies.” He stands up and heads for the office door, the others following him, agreeing that watching movies and eating sounded like a better idea than playing the game again.

Kyle pulls the door open and they all step out into the entryway, freezing when they see it looked burned and old with broken furniture and cobwebs everywhere. They look at each other than slowly turn to face forward as they hear someone laughing. They see Alanna standing at the other side of the room, arms crossed over her chest, and an evil grin on her face. They grab each other and scream as Alanna raises her hands and flies towards them.

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