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Shameful Way to Treat Customers


I have been a loyal customer since 2005 and have over 300 reviews, most likely closer to 400 now. I have been buying so many items from this company, especially during the pandemic. Having things shipped and delivered had made this pandemic a lot easier since being able to go out was restricted for so long.

I LOVE writing reviews, whether good or bad, because I know that it helps others with the products. It is a lot of fun writing reviews and I was happy to help customers and companies who sell on Amazon. The reviews I know helps customers decide if they wish to buy an item or not. Reviews also help companies with gaining customers. And since Amazon is a huge company that sells a lot of products made by all different companies, why not write reviews for them?

It was going great! I still have a lot of reviews I need to write but that isn’t going to happen anymore. Why? Because Amazon has decided that loyalty doesn’t mean anything and that they have the right to WRONGFULLY accuse their customers and reviewers of not following their guidelines.

Amazon Deleted EVERYTHING

When I went onto my account at the end of October in order to write more reviews for items I had bought, I never thought that Amazon would do something like this. But they did! I never got a phone call or an email stating that my privileges were taken away from me because they saw something suspicious with my reviews. They never contacted me to TALK to me about their suspicions and discuss why my reviews supposedly goes against their guidelines. I found out by trying to write a review and receiving this message when I hit write review on the product.

No warning, No Email, nothing. Just this message on Amazon itself.

And when I talked to someone on the phone about this event, they even asked if I had received an email asking if I had turned in anything that went against their guidelines. I told them that I hadn’t received anything and that my reviews have always followed their guidelines. I would never write anything against them because I know that I would only be hurting myself as a reviewer and hurting the companies by not being truthful in my reviews. The customer rep said that that isn’t the way they do things and that I should have received an email or even a phone call. He said that he would put in that note for me and let Amazon know that they goofed big time. Finally, after fighting this for almost a week, Amazon sent an email that said yes, they were in the wrong and that ALL of my reviews followed their guidelines. They said that they are gong to reinstate all of my deleted reviews and that I can start writing my reviews again. I thought yes, this is the end of it and I can get back to doing what I love, writing my reviews and having fun again.

Was that the end of it? NOPE

I have been fighting Amazon for a month now just to get them to stop picking on me and my reviews. My reviews have finally after a week been reinstated and I can write reviews again. But Amazon feels that they can still pick on me and my reviews but sending my newest reviews back stating that yet again they do not follow the guidelines. I have called and emailed and even called the company out on Twitter because of the constant emails stating that my reviews are going against the guidelines. One of the Customer Reps I talked to was even flabbergasted at seeing one of my reviews sent back to me for no reason because they follow the guidelines. He said he would out in an urgent message that would get it reinstated in a day or two. NOTHING has been done and I recently tried to resubmit and they still won’t take it back.

But even with his help, I am getting now where! I am tired of being picked on by whoever in the company feels they have the right to do so. Amazon was wrong when they deleted my reviews at the end of October/ beginning of November, Amazon was wrong when they didn’t contact me before deleting everything, and they are still in the wrong for picking on me and not allowing me to resubmit my reviews that 100% follow their guidelines, and they are still wrong for sending back my reviews stating they do not follow the guidelines when they do. It’s bad when even their customer service reps have seen that they should not have been sent back.

Even with customer service putting an urgent note on any of the times I have called about the same situation, I only get the generic message of how long it usually takes for the reviews to be uploaded, NOT about why I am getting picked on and my reviews are being flagged for no reason.

Whoever in the company that feels they have the right to do this to a loyal customer of several years should be ashamed of themselves. And the company themselves should be ashamed for allowing this to happen to a customer period and for allowing it to drag on for so long. They are now even ignoring my emails and ignoring the problem that THEY caused when they started all of this.

I have decided to not review for them any longer and doubt i will be buying from them again. Amazon has no right in treating any customer the way I have been treated this past month. And it seems that I am not the only one as I have been informed by an acquaintance on Twitter that the same thing has been happening to them as well. There is no excuse for the company, or whoever is in the company doing this, and it should not be allowed. It should also be taken care of right away when there is a complaint filed, not after someone has sent in several complaints! If someone in the company keeps flagging a customer’s reviews for not following the guidelines but they do, that person should be punished.

Shame on Amazon for picking on me and others who are just trying to send in reviews on the products WE bought. Shame on Amazon for LYING saying that our reviews do not follow their guidelines when they obviously do. It’s a shame that they did this and now they have lost a loyal customer! They keep apologizing but nothing gets done. Their apologize means nothing when it is an on going thing and they do nothing about it. Amazon, you disgust me on how you have treated me!

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