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Yep, you guessed it, this is another coffee review. And it is a review of one of my absolute favorite coffees. I was first introduced to Caribou at my all time favorite bagel place, Einstein Bros. My favorite bagel to get there is a toasted jalapeno and cheeses bagel smothered in plain cream cheese. (That is making me hungry for a bagel right now.) And my favorite thing to drink with it is a hot cup of the dark roast Caribou coffee they serve.

This time Ryan and I decided to go with a medium roast. And we chose to go with Caribou, because why not? Ryan bought this one I believe for the military Commissary when stationed in California. Thankfully, the Commissary had a good selection of coffee, so we didn’t have to be stuck with just one type.

Ryan picked this one out when he went shopping for food one time and I am glad he did. I asked him to surprise me with a new coffee and boy did he deliver. It was a medium roast with hints of I want to say chocolate and something else. But it has been a while so I may need to buy another bag.

Then, once I enjoy a cup again, I have to remember to write it down in my coffee journal. That way I can remember what it tasted like to me. I definitely want to try this one and the other roasts by this company. Caribou definitely has caught my attention and I can’t wait to continue trying out other roasts.

Here are links for Amazon and the Caribou website so that you can take a look at their product and possibly buy yourself or a coffee lover in your life a special coffee treat.

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