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Skrewball- Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey

Whiskey Review

I want to say right here and right now that I am NOT an expert on whiskey. I can’t decipher smells the best, or what I taste all of the time, but I will still write whiskey reviews. Why? Because I enjoy whiskies and want to share that with my readers. And this will be my very first whiskey review blog. I am excited to write this even though I may not great at it.

But not being great at something isn’t going to make me not do it. So let’s talk about the first whiskey on my blog- Skrewball.

I was first introduced to whiskey, and whisky, by my husband, Ryan. He wasn’t into it at first but now he has a huge collection. I have four or five myself. But, one of the first ones we tried together was Skrewball a peanut butter whiskey. I love the taste of peanut butter, so this sounded amazing.

Ryan opened it and I took the bottle, taking in a deep breath. The peanut butter didn’t just lazily kiss my nose. No! After I took a sniff, the peanut butter smell righteously slapped me in the face in all its glory. After that, I was looking forward to trying it. Ryan poured it out and it looked beautiful. A deep amber that seemed to sparkle in the whiskey glass.

We both had a glass, and I eagerly put the glass up to my nose and smelled the beautiful peanut buttery aromas once again. I couldn’t smell anything but the peanut butter and I hoped that it tasted just as peanut buttery as it smelled. I swirled it around my glass as Ryan had just done and then lifted the glass to my lips.

The amber liquid slipped down the side of the glass to my awaiting mouth. And if I am being honest, I was a little nervous that the whiskey would taste like straight up rubbing alcohol but I was pleasantly surprised. It had a sharp taste at first as it hit the back of my throat but then the sharpness melted away and the peanut butter took over.

As it slid down my throat, it warmed my belly and peanut butter coated my throat, making me enjoy the whiskey even more. I was in heaven! This whiskey was delicious and oh so dangerous because you can’t just take one sip. Oh, no, you will continue to sip on it, enjoying the taste until it is gone and most likely want some more.

But, be careful, or else the bottle will be gone before you know it. This one is definitely a nice one to have around the house when you want something sweet but not too sweet and delicious. I really liked this one and will be getting it again sometime soon. If you are a fan of whiskey and peanut butter, then I say give this one a shot.

Have you tried it before? What did you think about it? Did you like it or not like it? Why? Let me know in the comments. I will also put on a link of some places where you can buy Skrewball. So, grab yourself a bottle and enjoy!

If you have a membership, you can also find this at Costco. That is where Ryan and I found it.

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