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366 Daily Writing Exercises

Book Review

I love writing and I do my best to write every day. While looking on Amazon, I ran across the book 366 Daily Writing Exercises by Christina Escamilla. I decided that I would like to give it a try and challenge myself to write and post a blog of my writing every day.

I am, of course, behind because I just got the book 4 days ago in the mail, but I am slowly catching up, so then I will be able to start posting my blogs. I was excited to get this book in the mail and when it came, I opened it up and checked it all out. I read quite a few of the exercises through out the book and I am really looking forward to writing each one each day. There are some that are easy and you will write up very quickly. While there are others that will make you sit and think about what you want to write. It’s great for the imagination.

It might not be easy for me to write and post a blog every day, especially since I am a mother of 2 where one stays home and who I have to be her teacher and mother, but I will find the time somehow. I have been writing more at night after they go to bed which has been nice, but even then that has some issues. It does take time away from me and my husband so I need to find balance and make a schedule. I should get back to writing early in the morning but it has been difficult since I have to get up at 6am to get our oldest daughter ready for school. But I will do my best to write one everyday in my notebook as well as writing my books and blogs.

I will also do my best to post my writing every day as a blog, but again that will be difficult. But I am not going to quit. I also saw a few other books by the same author and will be writing new book review blogs about those as well. Yes, I bought two other prompt books of hers, and I cannot wait to work on those books and post whatever I write for those books in my blog, too.

But back to this book. Each day there is a new prompt that either deals with objects around the house, a story you are currently writing or will be writing, character building, and who knows what else the author has in store for is. I do recommend buying this book if you want to challenge yourself like I have decided. Or even if you want to buy this book and pick and choose the day you write about. There is no right or wrong way to use this book, in my opinion.

And this book makes a great gift for a your writer friend who wants to try and write everyday, but needs that push. If they don’t want to write on their current story, then they can open this book and have some fun. It really helps when you have to use your current characters for a prompt because it really motivates you to write your story.

The story I am currently using for these prompts I hard started writing years ago, but never finished. I had finished it once, but sadly I lost the entire book, so I have to write it again. I have it in a notebook and will be typing up what I have to see what I have written so far. Then I will go through and edit it and continue writing it until it is finished and ready for publication some day. Once I had finished it all those years ago, I did send it out to agents, but was constantly rejected. I am hoping with a face lift and editing, I will be able to get it published this time around.

Like I said I am glad I bought this book because it is really motivating me to jump back into my YA modern fantasy and get that book finished. I look forward to posting my daily writings here so you all can see what I have been up to writing wise so far in 2022. I have also edited and am typing up another old story that I had finished, but lost digitally because well… let’s just say technology and I aren’t the best of friends and another laptop died at my finger tips.

I don’t just murder in my stories, I also murder laptops. hahaha

Anyways, here is the Amazon link for you to check out the book yourself. Remember it is a great gift for yourself as a writer or for a writer friend.

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