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Diabetes Interview

Living with Diabetes

I am back after doing other blogs to continue my interviews. These are a continuation of interviewing friends and family who live with diabetes. This interview is with a young woman, a friend of mine, who lives with the disease. Thank you for coming back to read and I hope that you remember, you aren’t alone.


  1. What type of Diabetes were you diagnosed with?

E: Type 1

2. Did you suffer from any symptoms before finding out you had diabetes?

E: I had pretty much all the symptoms..blurry vision, extreme thirst, weight loss, frequent urination…

3. When were you diagnosed?

E: I was diagnosed when I was 20 back in 2012

4. How did your doctor discover you had diabetes?

E: Through blood work

5. What information did your doctor give you about your type of diabetes?

E: I was sent to a diabetic education class where they went over the basics of diabetes…diet, complications, and was later sent to a nutritionist for carb counting.

6. What does your diet comprise to manage your diabetes?

E: Smaller portions of food.

7. Are you taking medication to help? And what type?

E: I am on two types of insulin lantus and insulin lispro (humalog)

8. How has this affected your mental health?

E: There are days where it effects it more negatively then others where I just don’t care about taking care of it as much.

9. Have you had to change a lot in your life in order to manage your diabetes?

E: not much has changed other than cutting back on sweets.

10. How has having diabetes affected your overall lifestyle?

E: Not really.

11. Have you tried any consumer products in order to help manage your diabetes? What are they? Have they helped?

E: No

12. Have you ever heard of VIANA Stevia before I mentioned it in a previous blog?

E: No

13. Would you be willing to try it instead of granulated sugar in your diet? Why or why not?

E: Possibly though other than baking I don’t really use sweetener in stuff.

She is a true fighter and won’t let her disease control her or run her life. She does have her off days but she still won’t let that stop her. We all are allowed to have off days and that includes those dealing with a lot on their plate, including having to deal with diabetes every single day. She is remarkable and I hope that you see that you are strong and remarkable too for not letting diabetes run your life. And if you have a few off days, that is totally fine. Just make sure that you pick yourself up, talk to a loved one or someone else who is dealing with what you are, and get right back into the swing of things.

Here are the links to my other blogs on the topic of diabetes. Have a read and stay tuned for another interview coming very soon. Thank you for taking the time and reading my blogs.

Like I said stay tuned as there are several more interviews I will be posting in the next few days. Here is also the link to the VIANA Stevia if you are interested in checking out the product and if you’d like to buy some to try it out yourself.

If you’d like 10% off the product please use this link. Happy shopping and keep moving forward. You are a warrior.

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