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Daily Writing- January 3, 2022

Writing Exercise

Write your character experiencing three emotions in a scene.

Side Note

Scout is not being used for this exercise. I used a new character off the top of my head. I will write a Side Note and let you know in my other posts if I am using Scout or if I made a new character for the exercise I am writing. Enjoy!

My Writing

Sydney stared at the envelope from her dream college, too afraid to open it. She wanted to go to the Writer’s College in Tennessee so badly that she felt nauseous as she stared at the envelope. Her fingers shook as she slowly ripped the top open, feeling dread wash over her. What if she didn’t get in? What other college would she go to? What if she didn’t get into any colleges? What will she do?

Sydney shook herself and pulled the neatly folded letter. Her clammy hand put down the envelope on the table next to her before she slowly unfolded the letter. As Sydney read the letter, she let out an excited scream. She had done it! She had been accepted! She clung to the letter against her chest as she did a little victory dance. She then rushed out of her room to tell her parents the great news.

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  1. Chriss Hill

    So the emotions I picked up were dread, fear, worry, nervousness and then elation, happiness. Right?

    1. Crazdwriter

      That is correct. The prompt said only do 3 emotions but I did more.

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