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Daily Writing- January 4, 2022- Part 3

Side Note

Here is the last scene for January 4th, and I wrote it in third person.

My Writing

Coral sits on the bench, staring at the pond while fish lazily swim just under the surface. She holds a book in her hand she has been trying to read for the past several minutes, but she can’t concentrate. She keeps thinking about the upcoming dance and how she will be going alone again. She doesn’t mind really since she will be taking her writing things with her to work on her new fantasy book, but it would have been fun to go with friends at least.

Coral lowers her head when she hears someone laughing behind her and sees Cindy and her soulless herd. She is the Queen at Coral’s school and always made Coral’s life miserable for no reason. Coral never said anything bad to Cindy or made fun of Cindy. But for some reason, Cindy loves to torment her. Jokes on Cindy though, because in Coral’s new book, Cindy is the antagonist and she dies in the end. That thought makes Coral smile, and she turns her attention back to her book, finally able to concentrate on her reading.

Coral finishes reading a few chapters and stretch, checking her watch to see what time it is before she stands up. Coral sees it is nearly 3 in the afternoon and decides to head home so she can get back to work on writing her book. She is eager to get to Cindy’s death scene.

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  1. Chriss Hill

    This is more of the way that I write, but most of my verbs are in past tense, so I don’t know if that’s correct. Sort of like this: “Jimmy worried that Tara wasn’t herself lately. She didn’t wear make up or put her hair up in some cute style. Most days, she sipped on coffee and blew out sighs, as if all of her energy dried up as she lifted the cup to her mouth. There was no conversation, unless provoked, and he truly wished that she’d find a way to come out her blueness. ” I don’t know if that’s any better, but it’s the way that I think. Again, I think as writers, we must put down the words and thoughts that sound correct to ourselves. Although, I have a lot of cons in my list, as I’m southern, a Texan, who grew up around rednecks, and Hispanic influences… so yes, my writing has many hints of all this in it. LOL.

    1. Crazdwriter

      I think somebody should get the book and do these exercises with me. *hint hint* lol

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