You are currently viewing Daily Writing- February 20, 2022- Part 2

Daily Writing- February 20, 2022- Part 2

Second Scene- Disgust

Durwin sat at the park, enjoying an ice cream. He watched as the children at the playground ran around laughing. He smiled and took a lick of his chocolate ice cream. Durwin shivered a little and balanced his ice cream up on his knees. He grabbed his black beanie that rested on the bench next to him and pulled it down over his buzzed head.

It was a cool autumn day, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying his ice cream. He waved to a few friends as they watched their children play. Durwin saw a little girl shove another kid and ran off laughing.

Durwin stood up, but didn’t go any closer. He wanted to see what would happen. The girl that was shoved down got back up, and stood in the same spot, crying. She wiped her eyes and rand to find her mom. Durwin turned his attention back to the bully. He saw her tug another girl’s hair, shoved a little boy, and made fun of two other kids.

Durwin wrinkled his nose and shook his head as he walked over to the playground. The little girl from before walked over to the bully with her mom in tow. The bully stared at them and crossed her arms over her chest, looking smug. Another woman walked over to them and shoved the mother.

“Stay away from my daughter,” the lady yelled. “She did nothing wrong.”

Durwin stepped up the group and cleared his throat. “And that is where you are wrong, lady. Your daughter shoved her, pulled that girl’s hair, shoved that little boy, and made fun of the little ones crying over their by who I am assuming is their parents.”

The mom glared at Durwin. “Yea, so? They need to be tougher then.”

Durwin stared at the mother, repulsed by her behavior and what she had said. “I see the bully apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Do your parents know how you treat others and how you’re raising her granddaughter to be a bully just like you?”

Before the woman could speak up, an elderly couple walked up behind her. “No, her father and I did not raise our daughter to be this way nor did we know our poor granddaughter is acting out this way.”

“Mom!” The woman spun on her heel to face her parents. She shrank when she saw the disappointment on her parents faces as they glared at her. “I… umm….”

“You two are coming with us,” her dad’s harsh voice said before he apologized to the others on his daughter’s behalf since she had suddenly become mute. He glared at his daughter and then granddaughter and pointed for them to walk. They headed back the way the couple had come, headed for the parking lot.

Durwin grinned as he watched the parents scold their daughter and granddaughter for bullying others. He went back to eating his ice cream and hissed as he got a brain freeze. The children ran around happily playing again and the mothers of the children who had been bullied thanked Durwin for stepping in the way he had. He told them it was no problem and he retreated back to his bench to finish his ice cream treat and enjoy the screams and laughter of the children in the playground again.

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