You are currently viewing Daily Writing- February 21, 2022- Part 2

Daily Writing- February 21, 2022- Part 2

Character opposite of me

Female who stands at 5’7″, perfect body, crystal blue eyes, perfect but not too think wavy dark brown hair, and no learning disability. She is an extrovert, makes friends easily, and keeps friends easily. She can trust others but she is a bit rude and bossy. She has been in fights and has only lost a few. She is smart and had straight A’s while in school. She graduated from college without having to go to Community College first and she got her bachelors degree in Gaming because she wants to make her own games one day.

In high school, she was a cheerleader and was on the volleyball game. She also played soccer and baseball with her friends. She loves going to the beach to get a tan and to surf. She doesn’t like to go on hikes that much but she will with her friends. She loves living in the city.

She loves to take risks. She rock climbs, goes rafting, goes skydiving, and loves roller coasters, anything that gives her a thrill. She loves to fly and is taking flying lessons so she can get her piloting license. She hates to read and doesn’t write. She is an online influencer and a gamer. She loves in front of the camera making TikToks. Even though she makes mistakes and she has haters, she continues to stream on Twitch. She also posts on YouTube and on Instagram and has a lot of followers.

Her goals is to become one of the favorite women gamers on Twitch and to help others who want to start streaming on Twitch. She helps people but she does it in a way that makes some hate her and others love her by being brutally honest.

She is allergic to chocolate and grass. She hates coffee and loves tea. She doesn’t believe in magic or fate but hopes one day to find someone. She is single and has no kids, but wants to change that. She is younger in her late 20s. She doesn’t like being scared and doesn’t like horror. She likes romance and mushy romantic movies.

She has never had any surgeries but she does have a couple piercings in her ear and has a few tattoos on her back and left leg. She loves wearing dresses and going shopping with her friends at the mall. She has a straight back and doesn’t deal with any pain.

Side Note

I know there isn’t a lot here for this character but I just couldn’t think of what else to put. So this is it for now. I might come back and add more but for now this is it.

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  1. Sarah

    Wow, this is an interesting writing activity. I think you did a pretty thorough job describing a character!

    1. Crazdwriter

      Thanks. These exercises are making me think outside of the box. And it’s fun.

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