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Daily Writing- February 23, 2022

Writing Exercise

Go out and with a notebook and pen in hand, write down bits of conversation you hear. Without using the exact words, write a scene or short story based off the conversations you heard.

Side Note

When I did this exercise, it was much later then February 23rd. It was actually March 3rd when I got to this one. So I took bits of conversations from TV shows, movies, my kids, and old conversations that I could remember from my teaching days. Plus I couldn’t go out because I was suffering from a sinus infection.

My Story

Daisy sat behind her desk at the Preschool she worked and looked over her Lesson Plan for that day. It was early in the morning before school would start and Daisy wanted to double check she had everything ready. She pushed out her chair and stood, turning around to the counter top behind her. Her eyes roamed over the art project pieces, making sure she had everything ready and in reach.

Daisy next placed fresh worksheets and coloring pages on the work tables in front of each little chair. In the middle, she placed colorful cups of markers, colored pencils, and crayons so her students could have fun and do the papers she left out. Satisfied that she had everything ready, Daisy smiled and headed for the closed door. She was ready for her students to come inside and get started on their day. She pushed open the door and welcomed in her class. Daisy said god morning to her students and their parents, always feeling joy whenever she saw their smiling faces.

Daisy closed the door after she said good bye to the parents and asked her class to have a seat on the rug so they could start their day with a song. Daisy sat down on a chair in front of them and they sang their calendar song to find out what month and day it was. They then counted and recited their alphabet. The class discussed the weather and she read them a story.

Daisy and the children did the alphabet and their names in American Sign Language, before she allowed them to go play. Daisy sat down behind her desk with four seats set up across from her. She call four friends over, showed them that they were making fun clouds with cotton balls on blue paper, and helped the kids when they asked for it.

“I mommy said I can get a hamster,” one little girl, Trish, said.

“What are you going to name it?” her best friend, Sandy asked.

“Chippie because I like chips.”

The two little girls giggle as they play dollies not to far from where Daisy sat. Daisy held back a chuckle while she helped Tommy put together his Minecraft creeper cloud. She loved watching the kids make up things out of the cotton balls on the piece of paper.

“My brother is mean. He wouldn’t let me play with his Switch,” Daisy heard Jack complain to his buddy, Brian.

Ava walked over and stood by Daisy, tapping her teacher on the shoulder. “My mommy thinks coffee is better than tea. I told her you like tea and she said coffee is better.”

Daisy helped Eric make a racecar for his sky before she looked at Ava. “I like coffee, too. I am actually drinking coffee this morning.”

“Good, then that means mommy can like you again.” Ava skipped off to play farm animals with her best friends Beth and Drew in the furthest corner.

Daisy lowered her head and sucked in her cheeks to stop herself from laughing for a moment. Her four students placed their work on the counter then ran off to play. Daisy took in a deep breath before she looked back up at her class and called the next four students to work on their art project for the day. For the rest of the day, she listened to the children’s conversations. She caught herself before she laughed out loud over certain things she heard and wrote them down what she heard in a notebook. Later she planned to get special books, have the kids decorate them, and then fill the pages with what the kids said as an end of the year present for the children and parents.

At the end of the day, after the kids were picked up, Daisy sat down at her desk and read over the conversations about trees, dragons, hamsters, and movies. She laughed and put the notebook away in one of the cabinets behind her before she cleaned up her room and left for the day.

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  1. Sarah

    Nice “day of a preschool teacher” story!

    1. Crazdwriter

      Aaawww yes the stories from the kids. I remember them fondly. And with my kiddos haha

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