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Sirens of the Deep – Chapter 4

“Archie, ye don’t have to tell us what happened next,” Chester’s voice said in the distance.

Archie blinked several times and looked around. He saw he was back in the tavern, far from where the space sirens had attacked his crew and ship. He shook himself out of the nightmarish memory and looked at Chester. “They be gone, Chester. And me ship ran into the asteroid, breaking to bits.” He looked down at the wine he hadn’t touched in a while. “They be gone.” His voice cracked as he remembered his crew, his family, sad that he would never sail through the open space with them again.

Chester looked up at his men, Archie’s voice having cut him like a knife. His mates were his family, and if that had happened to his crew, he would be beside himself as well. Chester looked at his friend and patted the broken captain’s shoulder.

“The sirens are back, Chester,” Archie repeated. “They are back. It ain’t safe to sail when the siren witches are back, swimming through the open space.”

Chester grumbled under his breath. “But they be stuck to the asteroid. If they weren’t they be chasin’ ye now.”

Archie nodded his head. “Aye! They stayed behind to finish off me men. I am here only because me trusty first mate saved my salty soul.” He jabbed a finger at a hooded man as he walked back to the table, the hood hiding the man’s face. Archie looked at Chester, his eyes hopeful. “Archie, me true buckaroo, let me borrow yer ship, The Blue Jackal.”

“Me ship? Archie, yer not makin’ sense. Why ye want me ship?”

“To get me booty from the planet Sunstone, of course. I need to finish the journey for me lost crew,” Archie begged his friend. “And yer crew and ye can take me crew’s cut in they’re honor.”

Chester eyed his friend for a moment before he looked to his crew. His crew nodded their heads, eager to get more treasure. Chester rose from his chair and grabbed Archie’s arm. He dragged his captain friend to his feet and patted his shoulder. “Let’s get that booty fer yer crew and now fer mine.”

Archie laughed and grabbed his friend. He pulled Chester into a hug, laughing in excitement. He turned to the hooded man. “Me new matey will come, too. He will take some of my share of the treasure.”

“Aye! Let’s get to me ship and raise anchor. It will take a while to get there,” Chester said as he tossed a coin on the table to pay for everything. Chester led his crew, Archie, and the strange hooded man to The Blue Jackal so they could get sailing to the planet Sunstone.

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