Twitch Streamers Series- Part 10

Twitch Streamers Series- Part 10

It’s always great getting to know other people and those who stream so I am glad that you, reader, have continued on this adventure with me. Shall we learn more together?

  1. What is your Twitch name?                                                                                                                      GoosieJuice
  2. Is there a special reason you chose that name?                                                                                         At some point, for whatever reason, my nephew went through a phase of calling me ‘Goose’, I literally have no damned idea why. But, because of that I started twitch and knew that I wanted to have a fun name; and somehow stumbled on GoosieJuice. I used to have Juice in some of my older game tags that date back a while, it made sense to stick the new name with the old name, so I did.
  3. Why did you become a Twitch Streamer?                                                                                                As stupid as it may sound, I literally did it because…well, why not? I was going to be playing games on my computer anyway, may as well stream it and see what happens. I had and still have no expectations with it, I just ride the wave. And I have to say I’m so glad I did, I have a few regulars and I’d happily keep streaming just for them (don’t tell them that though, and if you’re reading avert your damned eyes) cos it’ll go to their heads, ya’know?
  4. Why did you choose to stream for Twitch?                                                                                            I stumbled across Twitch a few years ago when I was at university after I’d been watching (I think that was its name) for a while and I was hooked. I started streaming on there simply because it was the platform I stumbled across that just…worked for me, that, and that I’d put the most time into it (viewership-wise); it just felt like home. The community seemed great and I enjoyed my time lurking (big time lurkey turkey) in people’s channels.
  5. How long have you been a streamer?                                                                                                         Ermm..I should really pay more attention, around 9ish months? Waiting for my child support payments off twitch. I didn’t really have a schedule for a long ass time and didn’t put too much effort into it. I’m a pretty relaxed dude, so it might still seem like I don’t if you watch my broadcasts, but I am constantly thinking about it and talking with my community.
  6. Do you only stream or do you have another job? If you are comfortable in telling my readers, what is your other job?                                                                                                                 I have a full-time job as well as streaming to twitch as much as I can.    I work in data, I work on a companies’ ERP system; updating databases as well as working with E-commerce teams and multiple branches to make sure products are up to date in prices and other information. It’s classed as a data specialist title as it includes small bits of data entry along with more complex aspects.
  7. What are your favorite games to play?                                                                                                    I don’t have any specific genres, I just pick up a game and if I like it, I like it. I don’t watch trailers or read reviews; I usually just see an image or something and think ‘hell yeah, I’m playing that!’ Or my viewers recommend them to me. That being said I am quite partial to MMO and horror games. MMO because, hey, playing with people is fun as shizz and I like the challenge of starting with nothing and working your way up; and horrors because it’s hilarious to be scared.
  8. What are your favorite games to stream?                                                                                               I haven’t done many, but I really enjoyed streaming horror games; viewers love watching people be scared and I kinda like getting clips of me being terrified because you don’t realize how you react to situations as they’re playing it to you at the time. I like streaming anything to be honest, I don’t limit myself. I’ll look at a game and think ‘can I interact with my viewers whilst I’m playing that?’ If I can, I’m gonna stream it, if I can’t, I won’t.
  9. Do you have any games that you would like to recommend to my readers to play and why?                                                                                                                                                              Hmm, that’s a super tough answer. I could drone on for days about games that I liked. I’ll list some of my top games that I feel everyone should play at least once, I won’t go into detail on them because I want people to reach the end of the interview without wanting to give up all hopes on life.      In no particular order: 1) Resident Evil 2, 2) Crypt of the Necrodancer, 3) Final Fantasy XIV (MM0), 4) Sunless Sea, 5) The Last of Us, 6) Silent Hill 1 & 2, 7) The Legacy of Kain Series, 8) Zelda Games (pretty broad, I know), 9) Hogs of War, and 10) Monkey Island Series.
  10. Was it hard to talk to your viewers when you first became a streamer? How long before you became at ease with streaming?                                                                                                 To be honest, no. I had no issue with talking to viewers; I had my first viewer after a stream or two, and he’s stuck with me ever since and that’s pretty bad ass. To put it bluntly, I’ve always been a shit talker in the sense that I just blabber on. I found that if you just talk to yourself constantly like a whacko, that people’ll show up and bounce off what you say. The only thing that threw me a little with streaming was using a webcam. I have no issue with how I look or anything; I just always felt as though it was unnecessary, I want to see as much of the game as possible and have no issue watching cam-less streamers on twitch. Obviously I decided in using a camera in the end, so no more streaming in my pants; but that’s fine…I guess…
  11. Would you like to tell my readers anything else about yourself or your channel on Twitch?                                                                                                                                                                 Hmm, first of all I’ll say that I’ve been inspired by a few people on twitch more than anyone else (that doesn’t mean I don’t watch other people, just that something with them clicked for me). Those people are: Elajjaz, BikeMan, Spamfish, MathasGames(I know he’s mainly YouTube) and ManVsGame. They are phenomenal broadcasters and have given me countless hours of entertainment and just how they conduct themselves on stream helped to solidify how I am when I broadcast.  None of them ‘act’, they’re all just themselves broadcasting gameplay and interacting; I’m down for that, I never had any intention of being anyone other than me and seeing these dudes do it just spurs me on even more. If you haven’t watched them, I couldn’t recommend them enough; I wish I had enough dollary-doos to sub to everyone, but I don’t so I support with viewership when I can. As for me myself, I’m a realist and as such that carries into my stream. I want everyone that comes in to have a good time, myself included. There isn’t really a structure to how the stream works, I start broadcasting, my viewers and regulars berate me, then there are tons of weird ass conversations. I like to think my community is very ‘warts and all’. If I dislike things, we talk about it; if viewers dislike things, we talk about it; if we like things we definitely talk about it. I won’t bore readers with anything else, if you want to find out more about the stream then either find me on Twooter or just drop in and have a butcher at what’s going on.

If you’d like to see him gaming and have fun in his chat, then please look him up on Twitch at And in case you didn’t know, Twooter is Twitter.

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